Google Glass For Real Estate!!

People seem to be at a loss as to how Google Glass can possibly help their real estate business. Here are ten ways it can:

1. Realtor or home inspector can stream a virtual tour of a home to a remote client via a hangout. The client and agent or home inspector can interact live together, discussing what is being viewed.

2. Homebuyers would be able to drive around neighborhoods, locate homes for sale, open houses, review listing information and watch a video of the interior spaces. The Trulia Glass app is one such a tool.

3. While on a tour of a home, Realtors can receive discreet messages from other clients and business associates.

4. Facial recognition technology makes identifying people easy. This can be a great tool for security when an agent meets a new client for the first time on a home tour. Furthermore, Google Glass can send a photograph of the person(s) being met to a remote location, such as your office.

5. Real estate professionals can discuss documents remotely with clients.

6. QR codes on home appliances can quickly provide specs, model numbers, replacement costs, availability, etc.

7. Clients and agents can run virtual home staging apps to get a feel for a home's potential.

8. You will be able to draw a floor plan by just scanning an area with Google Glass. This is not speculation, as the MagicPlan app already does this with your smartphone camera.

9. You will be able to talk to your client about the neighbors, by just looking at their homes. You can have the neighbor's name, details on their home and city assessment information.

10. You can capture hands free images of a home or any documents during site visits.

Do you see the benefits of Google Glass for your business? Can you think of any other uses for it?

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