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Ronda Reed
Imma Proud Grandma, an Undiscovered Writer, a Crochet Hooker, a Quinquagenarian Cooker, and a Minion of Cats
Imma Proud Grandma, an Undiscovered Writer, a Crochet Hooker, a Quinquagenarian Cooker, and a Minion of Cats
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Interesting. Sharing to read later. 
Stieg Larsson used this in the Millennium series. I'd like to think that doesn't preclude anyone else from ever doing the same. I was toying with a character who had access to a supply of pills that blocked these same sodium channels. That provides both a limitation and a way to avoid some of the behaviors discussed in the article.

“People assume that feeling no pain is this incredible thing and it almost makes you superhuman,” Betz says. “For people with CIP it’s the exact opposite. We would love to know what pain means and what it feels like to be in pain. Without it, your life is full of challenges.”

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Just finished watching the Season 2 finale and Omigod can I just say? I frickin LOVE this series. ❤️

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Sharing to read later.
Today I learned... coral reefs once thought completely dead from bleaching and other stressors can recover faster than anyone thought in what's called the Phoenix Effect.

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Thanks for sharing +Shar Banning. I, too, am sharing to read later.

Gawd, I hate dental work. ::spitspit patooey::

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Just for my sons and daughter -- +Travis Holland +JASON HOLLAND and +Kelli F, who kept this movie going repeatedly on a VHS tape when growing up at home. Love to you all.

(They also are never on here much and will probably not see this awesomeness.)

H/t +Dan Thompson 
Okay, stealing this. Don't sue me. Happy Mom's Day

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Something cute and easy!

Oh. And Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there in googleverse. 

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Good article. Mystery is not suspense. 
You must hook a reader early on because there are plenty of other books to read and life is too short to read a book that doesn't engage you.

Suspense is one technique you can use, and in today's post, Tony Lee Moral explains how you can bring it into your novel. #writing

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I want to write this story ...

H/t +Francesca Miller 
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