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David Murphy
President of WPPs Team Detroit – USA. Serial Thought Provoker. Guest lecturer on Leadership & Marketing at UC Irvine Merage School of Business & Chapman University..
President of WPPs Team Detroit – USA. Serial Thought Provoker. Guest lecturer on Leadership & Marketing at UC Irvine Merage School of Business & Chapman University..


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#HowAdvertisingWorks (on me) – New Balance
I haven’t owned a pair of New
Balance shoes since the ‘90s.   They were
my starter “premium” sneakers. Over time I traded up to
“real” running shoes.   First Brooks; now
Asics.   New Balance was relegated to a
distant, dated, and dusty folder in my consider...

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#HowAdvertisingWorks (on me) – Range Rover Velar
I recently was flipping through Automobile Magazine and came across an article about the new Range Rover Velar. It's stunning. Hadn’t heard of it before seeing that article. Today, the Velar was in my Facebook newsfeed. Remembering the article, I clicke...

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#HowAdvertisingWorks (on me) – Advil Gel Minis
I’ve been fighting a cold and have been a frequent visitor to CVS.  While reaching for a box of Advil, I accidentally picked up a box of Advil Gel Minis.  Hadn’t heard anything about these mini pills, so I put them back.  I wasn’t sure it would deliver the ...

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How advertising works (on me).
I’ve decided to note and document they ways in
which marketing communications influences me to do something.  I’m noticing it’s seldom the first exposure
to any one message, rather it’s the cumulative build of several messages.  Stay tuned.  #HowAdvertising...

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Virtual Assistance a growing reality.
Alexa, mark my words, literally.  Voice Assistants will set new expectations for how customers want to interact with brands, hardware, shopping sites and apps. Then again, I saw this coming back in 2013 when I coined the expression  #HandsFreeWeb  in descri...

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Facebook and Google want to be your TV network.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly outlined the company's ambitious Video First strategy, an effort likely to be as big as its previous push into mobile.  At its core, the strategy is designed to make FB our first choice when we want to look at video...

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A new platform for the oldest form of communicating.
I was excited today to help co-host Ford Motor's Marketing Innovation Day because it focused on one of my favorite marketing topics – storytelling. I've long believed in the power of storytelling.  Stories convey meaning.  And meaning trumps information.  M...

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Wikibranding driving online brand activism.
Ten years ago I coined the term Wikibranding when it occurred to me that social media would cause brands to become increasingly crowd-defined.  Ten years later, The NY Times has reached the same conclusion. :) From today's article :  "Social media is the ne...

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Want to work in Marcom? Learn to write!
This was drilled into me when I started my career at Ogilvy. I am a better business leader as a result. This is a must read...and do.

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Job vs a Profession.
So happy today to be able to spend time with GTB's STRIVE team and talk with young professionals about ways to create a rewarding career in advertising. We discussed the difference between a job and a profession. When viewed as a profession, you commit to ...
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