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Visa is through. References are all requested and shouldn't be an issue. My training is all set for the 9th and 10th of December. Hopefully not long now until I get a start date!


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New beginnings
Happy Dance, I've got a new job!

I will be working for a Harding Retail, as a sales assistant on board a cruise ship. There's lots to do before I actually set sail but I'm so excited about getting started.

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That's my medical out of the way. I turn into a total hypochondriac before something like that, I don't know why but I panic that they will tell me I'm really ill.

Well crisis averted, it was really straightforward. You have to provide a urine sample (tm...

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Belfast Bound
I'm back from Cyprus, the weather was amazing, and I'm just about to set off for Belfast to sort out my C1/D visa.

The advice on the U.S embassy says to budget 3 hours for your application. I'm going for 3 days, gives me a day either side to catch up with...

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C1/D visa
You know why they say about Americans being efficient? It's all true, or at least it is at the U.S Embassy in Belfast.

I was told my appointment would take 3 hours. I was in and out in less than 30 mins. Ace. I was terrified but actually everyone was re...
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