Yesterday, I created an Ubuntu linux virtual machine connected to a 8-port serial USB adapter with a modem attached. Combined with mgetty, I can now dial in to this virtual machine, get to a console session and then, using picocom and a bash menu, can terminal out to various serial devices such as our router, firewall and switch at remote sites. With this backdoor, should we misconfigure a device and drop network connectivity, we can reset it.

This project is cool for a number of reasons, but mostly to expand on my Ubuntu skills into new areas: bash programming and working with serial devices.

Also, I get to listen to modems handshaking again. It's like 1992 and I'm dialing in to BBS'. Hmm. I wonder if I could also put the PegaSys BBS software on here and get my fellow admins into a few door games of Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) or Trade Wars!
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