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20 Random Facts About Me
I kind of introduced myself in my first blog post but thought that I would do something a bit of the same, but a little bit different. Hope that makes sense to you. So here goes: 1. I have been happily married to the same man for 35 years. We actually just ...

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Not a great week! But I survived!
It's been that kind of a week! You know - the kind when you'd like to go back and start Monday all over again, except the next time it would turn out much better. First of all, last weekend I discovered that I didn't have the fabric to finish the quilt I wa...

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Flashback - Why I love sewing
I had a lovely email from a very nice lady earlier this week who told me she'd read my first blog and how much she had enjoyed it. It made my day. I also had an idea for my blog this week but something she said changed my mind about what I was going to post...
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