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charis michail
xazo, kontoxontro zombie me plousia mallia kai karriera i opoia tou xarizei ekatomyria..
xazo, kontoxontro zombie me plousia mallia kai karriera i opoia tou xarizei ekatomyria..

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"Ankomst is my first favourite word in Danish and means arrival. And my arrival is miraculously pleasant!" myAustrian Fan Nicola tells us about her favourite words and places in Copenhagen. <3

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of course. why not

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There's going to be music. and documentaries. and intelligent discussions. and people from all over. and kids dancing. and a painter. and we like that! Come and join us on our festival were we try to show that while people are different... we are different in the same way!
If however you need a bit more motivation we’ll have traditional Armenian delicacies like Lachmatzoun, halloumotes and koupes as well as coffee and sweets.
Friday 23/01
17:30 Very short presentation of the project’s initial aim and outputs
17:35 Discussion and Presentation of Global Challenges
18:00 Small Documentary for Development and the Millennium Development Goals
18:05 Faneromeni’s School Multicultural Song
18:15 Georgian Kids Dance group “Imedi”
18:25 Discussion on the value of pursuing a Global Citizen
11:00 Free for all Breakfast Development Stations
13:00 Documentary and Development Board Game
14:00 Interactive activity on Global Education
15:30 African Music by the “Bringshow”
16:15 Greek Music by Angelos Augousti
17:00 Pontian kids Dance group by “Elounta”Bottom of Form
17:15 – 18:30 Alternative Sounds by DJ Claudio

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