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City Interhacktives: Journalism and social media: professional platform or personal playground?
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If you change topics / specialism, how does your circle adapt? Naturally, or do you have to curate (and cull...) ? 
Hello everyone! Do automated tweets not let a branded Twitter account become overly focused on broadcasting as opposed to engaging with readers?
For anyone: Do you think that having individual branded journalists detracts from the brand/voice of the organisation?
How sensitive should journalists be with their personal views on social media networks?
+Jess Denham I think a combination of two can work quite well. If you do have a automated account it's quite interesting how many people talk back ... but personalised interaction definitely the most valuable 
Is there a danger in becoming cliquey on some social media platforms, and how do you prevent this from becoming the set pattern of your interaction?
+Judith Townend I can see how automated tweets are great for ease but I do sometimes think having that option can make us lazy! Agreed that a mix is probably the best if full-on personalised interaction isn't possible.
Are Google Hangouts a useful tool for social / participatory journalism ? And how could they be improved?  
+Nabeelah Jaffer agree that the 'filter bubble' can be a real problem - so many people not on these platforms, or outside your circles .. need to actively search outside for plurality of views and information. 
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