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breaking: reuters bites self - great post by Jay Rosen about the way Reuters simply wanted to find a story linking Soros to OWS ... just irresistible, really. And how it went about fabricating the story ...

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seems like an important post. if the web becomes what it should then it will look and feel a lot more like a natural language - by this I mean that we ought not need to invoke a brand to serve as the 'sponsor' for our saying what we want to say. [this thought brought to you via the new G+ with semantic booster and xtra sociality]

So sad to hear just now from WaPo that the death toll in Norway may rise to 80 - senseless violence. All thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

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my 11 year old thinks this is fake - the real wood smart phone ad fails that demographic - dad thinks its supercool - and real.
Docomo ad for wooden phone.
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