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Don't Ride Without It: Water
Either you ride for century, bikepacking, touring or just rush on the street, water its one of absolutely list things to carry. You may experience loose of drink water in the middle of the ride without any shop or house on your sight. How you survive? Why w...

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Review: Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream
After a few short ride, its time to tell you the result using Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream as substitute of chamois cream. First, i applied the cream in my skin, not in chamois pad. Second, during the test, i only used a road BIB/short and used XC and road ...

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First Look: Prompt Toe Strap
Honestly, its been a years i wanna bought a toe strap, but in that time the price its kinda high. I don't think they worth that much. A few weeks ago, i accidentally see "Prompt" toe strap at local online shop and that thing have a decent price around Rp50....

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First Look: Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream
Okay, the title seems awkward in this blog, but...if you read my previous post "In Search: Chamois Cream Substitute" you will know this article still relate with cycling :). After a few medical shop sight seeing and asked, i found this diaper rash cream in ...

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Bicycle Parts Vending Machine
Vending machine for bicycle parts? Weird? No! It's brilliant i think... Imagine a scenario like this: You ride your lovely bike far away from home at's a good time to traffic, peace and lot of fresh oxygen..and....shit happens...flat tir...

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In Search: Chamois Cream Substitute
Sometimes, ergonomic saddle and good padding pant doesn't protect your crotch from blister, especially if you ride century or tour. Some people i know can enjoy a hundred km ride without blister crotch just using a regular short, Unfortunately, i'm not the ...

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Art Of Packing Your Jersey Pockets
At a time of year when the weather can be at its most unpredictable, the roads at their dirtiest, cyclists at their hungriest, and therefore pockets at their most bulging, the need for an organised system becomes apparent. Simplicity and symmetry, it seems,...

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Which One You Need To Be Faster? Aero Bike VS Lightweight Bike
Assuming we all want to go as fast as
possible, we first need to consider the
point at which the advantage of reducing
aerodynamic drag begins to beat lighter,
less aero equipment. The biggest obstacle as cyclists we’ve got to overcome is aerodynamic drag w...

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Book Review: Pit Onthel
A few days ago, my uncle gave me this book "Pit Onthel". Its a nice little book about old bicycles call it "onthel" in Indonesia. This book contain a brief history about some old bicycle brands (like Fongers, Batavus, or Raleigh), parts, lots of bicycle and...

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It Is Ok Being Single (chainring) ?
Straight away, there’s an appealing simplicity to a single-ring set-up.  For mountain biking, a single ring chainset makes a lot of sense. Changing gears is easier with just one gear shifter, there's one less thing to malfunction, mud and ground clearance i...
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