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The musical Internet of Things
The musical Internet of Things

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 Moony [1]  0.2.0 released.


#LV2   #Lua 

Moony [1] release candiate 2 out in the wild.


#LV2   #Lua 

Released development version of an awesome LV2 event plugin bundle which is realtime scriptable with Lua.

Moony - realtime Lua as programmable glue in LV2

#LV2   #Lua

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Released development version of a hopefully useful debugging tool for LV2 plugin and host authors:

Sherlock - Atom Inspector


Chimaera firmware license has changed from zlib [1] to Artistic License 2.0 [2][3].

We actually like the GNU General Public License [4] but its legalese and virality. Up to now we thus used mainly a permissive zlib style license for all our code because of its simplicity and clarity.

Now we have found the Artistic License 2.0 to be a better choice as it fits our concepts of free software better. It is actually human readable, not viral, fosters collaboration more than simple permissive licenses (BSD, MIT, zlib) and is GPL-compatible.

There is a nice blog post at [5] with which we agree in great parts.


Week 01 patch-a-week is up:

Chimaera: Velocity signal filtering

#chimaera   #patchaweek   #IIR   #filter

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Midi Matrix - Channel Filter

We have released our first LV2 Plugin 'Channel Filter' as part of the 'Midi Matrix'  bundle.

Week 43 patch-a-week is up:
Renoise OSC-MIDI bridge (via oscmidi output engine)

#chimaera #patchaweek  #renoise  #OSC #MIDI

WANTED: Beta Tester

At Maker Faire Rome 2014, it turned out that there is some interest for expressive continuous music controllers like the Chimaera out there.

We thus plan to run a Beta-testing campaign soon to collect some more comprehensive feedback of first-hand experiences from interested individuals and musicians  to turn our final prototype design into an actual product.

Stay tuned and/or get in contact with us already today if you are interested.


CERCASI: Beta Tester

C'era tanto interesse per il nostro controller elettronico ed espressivo a la Maker Faire a Roma. Pensiamo a trovare degli Beta Tester per acquistare esperienze piu complessivi di propria mano.

Individui e misicisti interessati sono pregati di contattarci.


GESUCHT: Beta Tester

Da es an der Maiker Faire in Rom reges Interesse an unserem expressiven elektronischen Musik Controller gab, planen wir als Nächstes eine Beta Tester Kampagne um umfassendere Erfahrungen aus erster Hand von Individuen und Musikern zu sammeln.

Interessierte können sich gerne bei uns melden.

#chimaera   #mfr14   #makerfairerome    #betatesting  
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