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London Olympics 2012:

This well known UK journalist takes a look . . .

'Our Olympic Hell: A Militarised, Corporate, Jingoistic Disgrace' ~ Andy Worthington

May 16, 2012 — "Greed, waste, exaggeration, distortion, militarism, paranoia, jingoism and social cleansing [...] the Olympics have become a festival of the global security industry, with a running and jumping contest as a sideshow. No one in government dares call a halt. Nero in his prime could not have squandered so much money on circuses."
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A related article, and ... no, this is not a joke . . .

'London's Amazingly Explicit Surveillance State Mascot For The 2012 Olympics Has A Huge Camera Eye That Records Everything' ~ Kashmir Hill | Forbes

May 17, 2012 ― "London has decided to make 'surveillance' a dominant feature of its Olympics 2012 mascots ... Surveillance is fun! Surveillance is cuddly! Surveillance makes you healthier!"