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One of the most useful and underused features of HTML5 is Web Workers. Generally, Javascript programs are severely limited by its single threaded model. You can't do any complex time consuming process or you will block the UI thread, making the browser unresponsive to the user... Read more:;mOEpX
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Linux. Its everywhere. More than 90% of the world's supercomputers use it... Read more:;NXJNX
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Over the last half a decade, several factors have contributed to a radical shift in how businesses view IT. It budgets have been cut dramatically in the face of recession, IT expectations of internet savvy employees have soared, and a growing community are providing cost effective cloud automation of everything from sales to HR.

Unfortunately, organizations looking for a substantial ROI are disappointed by diminished returns resulting from the true cost of managing an exploding number of disparate applications spanning multiple sites, often outside corporate control... Read more:;Et3Vd
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