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Dame DC Cordova
Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® Program - Socially-Responsible Global Entrepreneurs
Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® Program - Socially-Responsible Global Entrepreneurs

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After taking 3 deep breaths as we heard the announcement from the 45th - which is handing energy thrillions on a silver platter to emerging nations - maybe not a bad thing? This doesn't become effective until the day after the election in 2020... We have our work cut out!
1st: educating the masses & our beautiful brothers & sisters that don't have their facts correct 🌹
2. Get yourself even more educated & updated - join us at on June 19-23 in Snowmass, Colorado Chip Comins & Sally Ranney do an awesome job bringing the best!
3. Read Climate of Hope by Bloomberg & Pope - we are on! Peeps / communities / businesses 🌺
4. See our contribution at - Blue skies - clean air for all!
5. Join us at a and join our global network of socially-responsible entrepreneurs
6. Copy & distribute the question inspired by Bucky Fuller on my FB pages... How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity...
7. Take action by calling your political reps... even if you don't trust the political system... it's the only one we have now... do something ... get involved! 🙏💚💚

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Nicola Smith-Jackson is such an amazing leader. Here's a conversation that we had about mistakes... Some good information that could help you move on from those mistakes that you may have made in business, personally -- in life!

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Mari Smith is a Money & You / Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs grad. She is an expert in Social Media -- if she recommends it, it's worth checking it out! Happy New Year!

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Keep passing the good news... the world is going green!

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We keep getting educated to support blue skies and clean water for all!

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12 million American Expats - YOU have a lot of power in this election! Register to vote now! Thank U!

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Join us in Southern California for a 3 1/2 weekend event that could change your life... as it has for many since 1979 learn more at:

We have the longest running entrepreneurial program that is taught through experiential games and exercises that can accelerate any entrepreneur's journey to success.

$&U supports employees that may be thinking of becoming entrepreneurs to have the information and clarity if this is really for them -- before spending their hard-earned money to have "learning experiences"... and possibly becoming a valuable member of an entrepreneurial team that can allow them to have profit sharing and the experience of entrepreneurship without all the risks!

Go to and watch some of the educational Web programs!

Look forward to meeting you soon! Aloha

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Be sure to watch this informational hangout!
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