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Hannah Li (Franticchihuahua)
Run along now, come get frantic with me.
Run along now, come get frantic with me.

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THAT person you remember all your life.
I know that deep down in my heart, I want to be working with children. To be influencing the mind of the next generations to come. But, I dont want to be teaching them about the ways to FIT into society. I merely want to inspire them. To open windows for th...

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Is acceptance life?
Answer me. SYDNEY//2016

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I have 1,111 faceless beings on my list.
When I get bored I start deleting people, 'unfriending' people from facey. Every moment I click that unfriend button, I feel relieved of the burden of bumping to that random person I've only ever met once or twice, not even knowing who they are. I am riddin...

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Limitedly is our Gratitude
We will forever be limited to the resources we can have. But we are abundant to them, if we need something our gratitude will chant it upon us. We wish it, our humbleness will pray them for us. If we want it, our time will sacrifice for us.  So I think I fo...

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Drugs: Its all about getting the world to mean nothing.
Like what are drugs anyway? So  you're either trying really hard to understand this world, or you're trying really hard to ignore, be ignorant to this world. So like which one are you? xDecx2015xSydneyx

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So like is it me or is it you?
Question Do you like me or do you like the way that I am? Or is it that you simply, barely just love yourself and the only reflection you see of yourself because you are simply this world alone, you are the reflection of this world exactly. You are your own...

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Love, Life & Passion
So Im sitting here scrolling through Buns again, "more buns then a bakery" aye? CInah's always there reminding me that I should probably stop procrastinating and get my ass some proper skill, and then get the beautiful fishes in. But hey, I'm just a tad con...

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Bound to the deep end. SO I’m this kid who’s pretty lack of motivation, I can sit in front of my computer and scoop the internet of all the wish lists, the travels Id like to country, Id sit there flipping through famous films, squirming through art inspira...

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Without Hinderance
So I’m this kid, who is full of all differences, she looks like one of those who has it all, she’s travelling bali in the holidays, flying down melbourne on weekends, partying out with friends on weeknights, she’s got it all. She lives at home, she’s this g...

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Its the process not the progress.
Yesterday I met this older man. He says he started studying philosophy since 15. He spoke of experiencing the progress. He spoke of knowing how to process. It is the idea of knowing you're on your way when you are on the way. It is the idea of knowing you'r...
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