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We share news and opinions.
We share news and opinions.

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The Creepy Legend of Russian Sleep Experiment
Do you love staying up too late and deprive yourself some sleep? Is the internet the main reason why you are up all night? The internet is such a nice place to know and get informed about a lot of things. But it is also a place where you can have your brain...

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Gender Bending Chemicals Impossible to Avoid; Weapons Of Mass Feminization?
Some people speculates that we are currently in a period of time where we are getting close to have gender acceptance. This can still be a huge debate since some still believes that we are going back to age where hate towards gender representation cannot be...

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Discovery: Life After Death With Help Of Genes
A revolutionary discovery was made by scientist after affirming that there is life after death. Professionals have discovered that "hundreds of genes with various functions woke up after death, this includes the fetal development genes." Scientist discovere...

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Mini Ice Age Is Near
Have you heard of the Ice Age? No, not the animation movie but the real ice age when the world turns to a big winter wonderland? A Math professor tells that a mini Ice Age in near to come according to a Solar Cycle model which is 97% precise. A newer model ...

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Dutch Researcher Predicts The Big One: Will Happen Around February 24 to March 8 2017 In The Philippines
This shocking prediction is recently circulating online. A Dutch researcher named Frank Hoogerbeets stated a shocking prediction regarding the date of the Big One. He is also the researcher who predicted other earthquakes earlier this year most notable the ...

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Scientists State There Are THREE Ways The World Could END
Some experts says that there are three end of the world theories. Climate change, Pandemic or the nuclear war that could wipe out our planet. You might have seen a lot of Hollywood movies about the end of the world that gives fears to all of us. Today, expe...

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Here Is Why You Should Never Boil Your Eggs
As simple a food as they are, hard-boiled eggs are in fact a little tricky to get right . If you cook them too long, they’ll get that unappetizing green ring around the yolk. Start with them too fresh and they’ll be impossible to peel. If you’re looking to ...

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7 Types of Seafood You Should NEVER Eat
From ocean pollution to poor fish breeding practices, seafood shoppers have no shortage of things to worry about when looking for healthy and environmentally-friendly options. A lot of that worry can be reduced by avoiding certain species of fish entirely, ...

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Women, You Eat More Peanut: Prevents Serious Diseases!
Its magical properties are for health and beauty. Peanuts originating in South America and belongs to the family of legumes, as well as lentils, beans or soybeans. He is not only great tasting, but is rich in fat, protein and other healthy nutrients. Peanut...

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Man Discovers Timeworn TREASURE Inside An Abandoned Facility
On his attempt to venture into the world’s wonders, photographer and urban explorer Ralph Mirebs saw something an average human mind cannot perceived, a discovery which is entirely unimaginable and unexpected. When he was on an exploration in Kazakhstan, Mi...
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