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Plus One Collection
Photography book created by Google+ community for charity
Photography book created by Google+ community for charity


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We're back in action! Let's ship the book before Christmas!
Announcing Plus One Collection Volume III Fundraising Campaign

It's been a long journey, but we are fully focused on this now, and want to get the latest version of the #PlusOneCollectionIII book into your hands before Christmas. To help us get there, we created an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign that will provide us with the funds needed to publish the book. 

All the details are here -

We also created a video explaining our project. You can find it here - Plus One Collection, Volume III 

We hope you can help up in two ways - first, contribute the funds for the book by picking one of the perks offered there. Second, please help us spread the word! Share the news here, share the news to your friends and family on other social networks and email. Share, share, share!

We set a goal to raise $30,000 in the next 30 days. We know it's a lofty one, but it will allow us to do two things - publish and ship the book to all campaign sponsors, and raise $5,000-10,000 for our charitable cause, Eliza O'Neill. 

The campaign is a fixed goal campaign, meaning, we do need to meet the goal of $30,000 before we receive any funds and can print the book. 

I know many of you who contributed photographs to the book want to know if your photo made it. We're still working on the selection, and will announce the list of contributing artists next week. Stay tuned! 

But in the meantime, we're happy to announce that the book publication process is back on track and with your help, let's make it happen and help Eliza!

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TOMORROW Plus One Collection 2013 begins

Thank you for your patience! I've been buried on personal and work front, and had zero time to spend on this. But I'm ready to take on the new volume of +Plus One Collection photo book, which we will publish this spring. All details about submission process will come out tomorrow morning.

But here's the high level overview of the process -

1. We'll launch the submission process.
2. We'll launch the Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign for the cost of the book printing.
3. We'll pick the photos for the book
4. We'll design and print the book.
5. The book will go on sale.

We're getting a late start this year (all my fault!), but I'm confident we can ship the book before the summer begins - or so will be the goal.

We'll also be recruiting volunteers to help us with the process, so stay tuned. 

I can't wait!  Please share the news and remember to use #PlusOneCollection2013  tag when you do. 

Thanks to +Andy Lee for designing this year's poster, and I'm happy to announce Andy is back on board with this with the design skillz that made the last two books so beautiful. 

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Should we do another volume of the book or not? Chime in by leaving a comment on Ivan's post..
Plus One Collection 2013? LET'S CHAT!

It's that time of the year I am starting to get daily emails from folks asking if we're going to do another volume of +Plus One Collection

I don't know. So let's start talking. 

First, it's a lot of work. I've been trying to automate everything last year, but it's still ended up being just as much work to produce a book as when we did it the first time. A lot of logistics, organizing, design -+Andy Lee can attest to that as well. Many of you helped, and I'll need more help this year to make it happen.  

It was worth doing at the end because we produced beautiful photography books I enjoy revisiting. And it did something good, raising $13,000 each time for good causes, Kiva and the Kilgoris Project. 

So if we're doing it again, I'd like to know what and why. 

At this point, I have no great ideas on what should we publish as a book. Do we do what we did last two years and have it just be a collection of photos from our community? Or do we build a more thematic book that will appeal to larger audience? 

And why? What cause should we support with this project? 

If you have ideas for both of these, I'd love to hear them!

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Last day!
Today is the last day to pre-order Plus One Collection!

Actually, only 16 hours left. Will it be +Jim Patterson again ordering in the very last minute and getting the last copy of Limited Edition book? Or someone else? 

Order yours here -

So far we sold 255 copies of the book, which is amazing. Seeing how we're only printing 500, I won't be surprised if we sell out the whole print batch rather quickly this spring. 

+Andy Lee is telling me that he's almost done with the first draft of the book, which means we're probably looking at March or so when pre-orders of the book will start shipping. 

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Today is the last day to contribute an image! 900 images submitted so far. 
Last day to submit your image to Plus One Collection 2012!

Don't forget! 

The form will shut off at midnight tonight (California time) and I won't be able to accept any more submissions. We'll make the selection for the print book this weekend as 10 very qualified judges will go through all of them and we'll hopefully announce the final lineup on Monday. 

Also, if you submitted your image before yesterday afternoon, and not yet seeing it in SmugMug gallery (link is below), please email me. That usually means there's a problem with your submission. I have 700 unopened emails right now. I hope to go through them all today, but chances are, I may have missed your earlier email, so bug me again please and re-forward your email. 

Submissions instructions -
Book pre-order and fundraising campaign -
Online gallery -


*Graphic by our chief designer +Andy Lee 

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We're back for another volume! Read the full message below and hope you all participate in this year's book. 
ANNOUNCING PLUS ONE COLLECTION 2012 + Image Submission + Fundraising Campaign

Alright, let's do this thing! The publication of Plus One Collection 2012 is officially under way. Read on for details, watch the video, re-share it, and get on the train before it's too late. 

Who can contribute a photograph for the book? 

Anyone. Send us your best image you took in 2012 and it'll get published in one or in all forms - in print, in ebook, and in our online gallery. 

What's the theme?

Same as last year - your best photograph you made in the year just ended, 2012. 

How else can I help?

Re-share this post with your circles. Invite friends and family to participate. This is a photography community publication, and we want as many submissions as we can get. Everyone should hear about this. Remember to tag your posts with #PlusOneCollection2012

When is the deadline?

Image submission is open from now until January 16, 11:59pm California time. In other words, don't wait and send us your work today. 

How do I submit my photograph? 

All details and submission form is here -

Will we be able to see what's being submitted?

Yes. Once submissions start coming in, I will setup a +SmugMug gallery where you can see all that's being sent to us and you'll be able to find your image too. 

How will the book get published?

The book will be printed and bound professionally through Oddi in Iceland. They're known for working with photographers and for their great quality of printing.

How can we afford a print run?

To afford the cost of publication, we launched a crowdsourcing campaign through Indiegogo ("Kickstarter" that allows charitable causes). There are all levels of contribution there, so take a look -

How do I pre-order a copy?

Just like last year, for limited time only, you can order Limited Edition of the book that will ship numbered, signed, and with a fine art print. The only way to order it this year is through Indiegogo campaign that will run through January. These copies will ship first and before book officially goes on sale. So again, don't wait and chip in today!

When will the book ship? 

We're shooting for the same time frame as last year - so sometime in early spring. 

What cause are we supporting this year?

We are very proud to have teamed up with the Kilgoris Project. In short, we will use any proceeds from the sale of the book and buy digital cameras for underpriveledged children in the school in Kenya. But it's a much bigger project than that. Please watch the video!

Who made this video?

We proud to be still working on +Andy Lee who made this video is our chief designer for everything pixel related. 

Ivan, why are you not smiling in the video?

I'm Russian. We never do. But I'm always smiling inside. 

Kmm. I still want to help.

Click that "share" button right now!


Leave them in the comments. 


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An important update on the timing of the project launch of the next volume of the book.
Plus One Collection Update - Submission timeline

Quick update if you haven't seen my post and subsequent discussion from last night. We decided to pospone the submission process until early January. At that time the year will be over, which is good, seeing how the main theme of the book will be your best shot from 2012. Maybe you have yet to take it on December 31. More importantly, we'll have all tools in place not just to collect the photographs, but also to raise the funds needed to publish the next volume of +Plus One Collection

In the meantime, we're busy making all the promotional materials and the video that we hope to launch all at the same time. Stay tuned for more info in 3-4 weeks. 

Very excited about how it's all coming together so far. 


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For those of you who participated or want to participate in the +Plus One Collection project!

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We'll be back in action collecting images for the next book very soon! See below. 
Plus One Collection 2 - SAVE THE DATE

Want to be published in this year's community photography book? Read on!

The project of publishing the next volume of +Plus One Collection is shaping up nicely. Really appreciate the feedback and the ideas so far. 

To recap - this year's project will be similar to last year's where we will solicilit your contributions of what you think is your best photograph from 2012. We will then select the best images, design and publish the book. 

Unlike last year's, we're taking publication of the book up a notch, and are using an actual publishing company to do the print run of books. This will guarantee the consistency of print, and a higher quality of publication, something I am very excited about. For that, we will soon launch crowd sourcing funding campaign, and we hope that we can raise enough funds that publication like this can be possible. 

We also have what I think is an amazing idea for the good cause that will be a beneficiary of the proceeds from the release of the book. We're still sorting out the details, but you'll hear about it very soon. 

With that, we're going to open the submission window to send us your images next Tuesday, December 12, and it'll be open for a month. So if you take your best photo on Dec 31, you'll still be able to submit it to us. If you want the reminder, sign up for our mailing list on our website -

Can't wait. 


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IMPORTANT - please vote on the choices of what's actually going to be in the book. Please do that on Ivan's post below. 
Plus One Collection, Volume II - LET'S BRAINSTORM - Part 5

This is probably the most important decision we need to make - what is going to be in the book?

Please vote on one of the four options below but using "+1" function on the comment. One vote per person is preferred, though we don't have a way of controlling it here. 

Voting is open from now until 10am California time on Wednesday - we will announce the winning option at that time. 

If you want to sway others to vote like you do, feel free to leave a comment as well why you voted the way you voted. I would love it to be an open discussion. 

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