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current games: Glory of Rome, City of Wonder
current games: Glory of Rome, City of Wonder

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Yay, 1,111,111 people in City of Wonder!
And I'm glad I still made it this year, it's much more appropriate for 11 than it would be for 12 ;-)

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Oh look: 888,888 citizens! And they're all happy! :-)
I'm so glad. You'd think they'd be happy when I built that concert hall for them. Or when I funded jazz clubs... the Apollo or the Globe Theater. Built a Roman Garden. A university. Or when the funding for that Opera House went through... (research has already started) But noooo... what does it take nowadays to make the people happy? 100 IMAX theaters... little cretins :-( I mean, beloved citizens, I'm so glad I have you :-)

Btw., if you want to come visit, I'll keep that population for the next 4½ hours :-)

Gifting - Tips and Tricks... Legen... dary :-)

I think we all agree that this week's gift set is pretty and useless - or pretty useless? (was looking for a pun here, but couldn't find one... Paris Hilton gift set? :-) Nope, she's worth a lot of money...)
So we can stop sending gifts - or we try to make the best of it...

Here's the best I could come up with:
If you receive a mystery legend, you can see which one it is before you click "return gift". If it's a really good one and both players cooperate, you can send the same legend forth and back forever! Do several Emperor Qin per day sound good? Or are you the Leonidas type? :-) Read on...

This will be a lot more complicated than the regular gifting, but I think it could be worth it. Here's how you can do it:
Short version : If you do daily gifting, wait until the 24 hours have passed. Do not accept any legends during the day! When it's time to send gifts, go through your stream, accept all the legends and click "return gift" only for the good ones.

Long version:
- I don't know if everybody knows this, but in the "My Allies" list, you can actually see if you can currently send a gift to somebody. If there is a "send gift" button, you can send a gift, otherwise, you can't (duh...). The buttons only change when you load the game, so you should restart before gifting.
- Before you accept any legend from an ally, you should make sure you can return it if it's good. You can check the allies list - or you can just send gifts once a day for less work... also, the allies list only works for allies people in your circles some people in your circles. Accepting and sending gifts once a day should work for everybody.
- Accept all the legends in your stream. There will be four types: "Good" legends somebody returned to you, "bad" legends somebody returned to you, mystery legends that turn out to be something nice and mystery legends that are useless... Obviously, you only return the good ones. Instead of returning the bad ones, you send a new mystery legend. In theory, we will be sending lots of good legends after a couple of days :-)

Here are the challenges:
- it will be more work - you cannot really send 100 gifts per day this way
- it only works really well if both players follow the system and if they agree which legend is good and which one isn't...

So guys... do you think this is a good idea and worth trying? And if you do, which legends do you like?

I'd think the military defense legends will be good for everybody, especially because they last 12 and 24 hours and offer real protection from attacks (50% or 100% defense boost!). Also, fire in the city is annoying for everybody while many people don't care about losing trades... The short term culture and trade legends (30 minutes, 1 hour) will only be good for attack and therefore, only for players who do expeditions in that category... and can we all agree that the "collect/clean 40% of whatever" legends are useless? Well, maybe not useless, but not valuable?

Go ahead, tell me what you think...

P.S.: random note: I've noticed that one bunch of mystery legends seem to always be the same! If you click "Free gifts", then select 50 people and click send, all of them will receive the same legend... so unless you want to put 50 chips on black number 35, you should probably send more separate sets... even if you don't want to follow my system at all...

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Ohhh yeah, I'm frickin' rich :-) #CoW
And still going for the fun numbers, I like the first one with silver AND XP nicely lined up... (extra bonus challenge...)
And I still have to wait for more than 2 more levels before anything useful becomes available at level 30 *bored*

On a separate note: I was number 1 in the military charts (7 days, main city) this morning, but there's a bug and the Great Cities list hasn't been updated in about 5 days *annoyed* and most of the time, you don't even get a ranking... Being number one is "hard work", but what's the point if there's no (visible) ranking?! (not even for me) On the other hand, it takes a full week to get to the top, so I don't wanna stop now before they fix it... *stillannoyed*

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In Honor of the date of 11-11-11 :-))))

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Mission(s) accomplished :-)
I'm a little bored in CoW recently, so I make up my own little missions...
After my city just didn't have enough space to store all the loot from military expeditions, we entered peace talks and concentrated on economic exploitation relations just like any modern economy.
Yes, that's me at number one - I'll put it next to the military trophy earned two weeks ago :-)
And yes, that's my actual silver balance in the background, thanks for noticing :-)))
Just for the fun of it, I collected 61 coins from a Jamestown field and then spent 60 on roads :-)
Next goals: 1,000 economic wins, then 99% wins overall (will probably have to be something like 3,100 wins, 31 losses, we'll see...)
Have I mentioned that I'm bored? I don't wanna build 20 identical buildings, so I've run out of buildings to increase happiness... now waiting for Jazz clubs...
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My Magic Moment in TripleTown - my first glowing castle (ever) and it's gonna be right in the corner! :-) I'm kinda proud of myself :-) (and it's still only my fourth game and it's taking forever...)

If you haven't tried TripleTown ( yet, you should! And you shouldn't abandon it before you reach about 300,000 - 500,000 points - that's when you really understand how things work and when it gets even better :-D

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So - these are my little side missions :-)
Can you tell I like puzzles? :-)
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I probably shouldn't have, but I laughed really hard when I saw that one ;-)
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