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READ my About section first before circling

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Where are you? Curious to see where everyone is based.
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North / South America
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Australia can become the powerhouse for the world in providing renewable energy.

It's mind boggling to think that we can produce enough electricity to supply the entire planet with all its electricity needs, purely from solar power. 

The figures to establish a solar power plant big enough to achieve this, actually threw me for a sixer. US$500 billion is a lot of money and something that one country alone would have great difficulty in achieving it.

Yet, as the article states, Indonesia alone will need to spend US$1,000 billion on conventional power sources [coal and nuclear] over the next 40 years just to meet its own energy needs. Even if this figure is exaggerated, it will still be an expensive exercise for them, and it doesn't take into account the energy needs of the Philippines or any other SE Asia country [let alone China or India].

So here is a thought that I had.

What if Australia established a [for a better term] Energy Territory in which the solar farm could be built. A sort of "Vatican" or "UN" set up which is part of Australia, but independently administered.

Approach our neighbours and offer them the opportunity to be involved in establishing the solar farm [including becoming a part owner, which could be based on the percentage they invest. So, a 20% investment of the total cost, would get them 20% ownership].

The initial solar farm wouldn't cost the US$500 billion as this is the figure for the farm to provide the entire world's energy needs. However, once the smaller one is established, it could be expanded with the financing coming from the profits generated and/or other countries chipping in to expand it.

Any thoughts? 

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Helly Luv, the Kurdish pop singer kicking ISIS' arse.

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Over the last 18 months, it has become obvious that the internet is the most serious threat to the Enlightenment values it purports to represent. As Tim Berners-Lee, the web’s inventor, wrote in a salutary open letter to mark its birthday, these are worrying times. The combination of losing control of our personal data, the monumental growth of misinformation and fake news and evolution of abusive, targeted “programmatic” advertising, particularly political advertising, constitutes a mortal threat to our civilisation.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey may hold a referendum on whether to carry on with negotiations about joining the European Union.

Turkey, which applied for EU membership in 1987, began accession talks in 2005. Yet, negotiations have moved very slowly due to disagreements over Cyprus, human rights and other issues.

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For Greece to be outside Europe is inconceivable, while Europe cannot be what it was founded to be without Greece,” President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Friday, in a message for the March 25 anniversary of Greece’s 1821 war of independence against Ottoman rule.“We progress, with the overwhelming majority of democratic political forces united in this direction, on our European path, without doubts or scepticism, leading in the common struggle for the European Union to again find the roots on which it can support itself,” Pavlopoulos said.

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Happy 60th to the European Union and happy 185th Independence Day to Greece.

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Back in November 2016, Donald Trump said he would not accept the $400,000 wage as US President, and instead accept a token $1 per year.

Does anyone know if he is actually doing this? Or is he pocketing it and then will claim "Fake News" when challenged?
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