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They are trying to ban loyaly points for pharmacy purchases. LAME! Let your voice be heard, contact your MLA and sign this petition.

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My lovely wife...
Hello out there in Google+ land! Here is my new website complete with online store! Let me know your thoughts. Karen

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My wife has a shiny new website for her home based business. I'm very proud of her! Check it out...

Google+ can kiss my a$$... unintuitive piece of crap it is... everyone I talk to attempting to use it has similar issues... If they hope for this to get any traction with ANYONE in the social networking arena they better get their crap together and make an intuitive interface! For starters show my connections EMAIL addresses so I can at least differentiate my MANY MULTIPLE contacts due to THE PIECE OF CRAP UNINTUITIVE INTERFACE THAT MADE PEOPLE SIGN UP WITH MULTIPLE EMAILs in the first place!!!!! Heaven help you if you know two people with the same name, they have ambiguous pictures, and one is a good friend who you want to share with and the other is acquaintance you don't want to share with!!!! GARBAGE! If it didn't have hangouts I'd have dropped this piece of sh*t a year ago.... </end rant> please someone at google read this and make me recant!
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