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Inertial Navigation /Survey Products and Services Company
Inertial Navigation /Survey Products and Services Company

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Land Seismic and Why Inertial?
Surveying in canopy/forest and urban canyon areas for land seismic acquisition.
In many active geographical regions of land seismic exploration the canopy (trees/forestation) is such that RTK GPS cannot be used for the precise installation of survey stakes. The high-frequency radio signals from the satellite segment of the GPS system (1.2 to 1.6 Ghz) cannot penetrate through the vegetation to the receivers being carried by the field surveyors.´╗┐

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Seismic 3D Vessel Charter by Seabird Exploration´╗┐

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Zupt is a privately owned, international service and manufacturing company. We specialize in the integration and application of inertial technologies to onshore and offshore survey and positioning services.´╗┐
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