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Boaz John

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Conversations Of Time And Bird: Part 3
Suddenly you notice that dark side, the boundaries smudged into reality, more black than the darkest. Even the flashlights emitting black, like thick paint flowing in streams, reminiscent of headless pythons still bleeding through. Maybe you are just realiz...

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Conversations Of Time And Bird: Part 2
Nature, do you think it exists? What we think as nature is earth? What is not us? Like the disasters. But we are nature. We are the chaos. But we create beautiful things. Like numbers. And we use them for higher abstractions. We build nature. We change. We ...

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The Infinity Field
I had a name. Now it keeps slipping into darkness. Someone pulling one end of the infinite string, slowly dragging everything into the black sand, succumbing, silently. The feeling of emptiness, when all the million noises that never stopped, decided to. Th...

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There are quite a few number of way to be the roulette ball that chooses what happens next in the alarming number of sequences intertwined into random utterings of subtle insults from someone living inside one's head. This is like telling me to forget what ...
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