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Chiming In
Just as a quick update, we dumped the AIP. My acne continued on its normal fluctuation (got worse, even), and decided that is not food related. I have consumed legumes, seeds, and grains since, and feel great! So happy that I have a partner that cares so mu...

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Day 21
Wasn't sure how today's lunch was going to turn out. Made cranberry glazed chicken ... without cranberries! Can't seem to find anything we need at the store :) So instead, made a "berry glaze" with our smoothie berries (blackberries, raspberries, and bluebe...

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Day 20
Tonight for dinner was breakfast! Only because I accidentally made what was supposed to be dinner one night for breakfast foods (the pork pesto). Not that it matters, since most of our foods are comprised of the same components anyway. This is a homefries a...

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Day 19
Oh, normal breakfast. I love you! This week has flown by. Pretty soon we'll be back to nightshades! :) Still feeling like normal, taking that all as good signs.

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Day 18
Accidentally made dinner for breakfast (oops!) The recipe was just straight-up meat! It tricked me :) Oh well, not like it really matters! I made a pork pesto skillet . The store was out of fresh basil, so I had to finagle with dried. Turned out fantastical...

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Day 16
Egg yolks! Who knew I'd be so excited for these one day :) Mmm the taste of approaching normality. No negative affects so far from the egg yolks. If all stays well, we'll be having egg whites on Thursday! Tonight, I made beef and mushroom risotto for dinner...

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Day 14
It's been two weeks! You know what that means... egg yolks will be introduced on Monday. Yay! :) Made a beef pot roast for dinner tonight. There weren't any parsnips at the store, so we ended up with turnips instead. I think it came out great regardless! Th...

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Day 12
After my post yesterday, as the day went on I became progressively more and more light-headed and woozy. Seneca and I were at Kroger around 7pm, and I was having some issues keeping balanced properly. I was pretty hungry, but otherwise didn't feel sick or a...

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Day 11
Last night for dinner we had Hawaiian salmon . We brought back the bacon! Felt like it'd been so long since the last time we had some. Usually it's part of our breakfast, but hasn't been recently since we're without eggs :( This was so incredibly delicious,...

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Day 7
They keep saying it's going to rain, but I don't believe them, because it doesn't! I didn't let the threat stop me from grilling out today! :) One of my favourite things to do, for sure! Never grilled salmon before, so that was a first :D Mmm look at that s...
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