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Donna Svei

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ANOTHER new UI question:

I can only see two lines of my replies to messages that I receive --as I write them. It's crazy making.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I missing something (I hope so!).

My current workaround is to compose in Word then copy and paste. Very 2002.

Thank you,

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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 

The new UI no longer allows people to rearrange their skills under Skills & Endorsements. In addition, it only displays three skills on the profile unless the viewer clicks for more.

If you don't have the new UI, you might want to review/optimize this section of your profile while you can.
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+Steven Pofcher More like lucky.
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Donna Svei

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It (the new UI) has messed up my background photo and won't let me update it? Any fixes?
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+Donna Svei Totally agree. The bugs and Loss of features are irritating but if the new UI succeeds in its main objective (more active members) then we will all benefit 
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Donna Svei

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An Accenture hiring manager wants to know if candidates read his LinkedIn profile. 
Paul Pierotti, a Dublin-based Managing Director at Accenture Digital, recently implemented a quick, smart check on the relationship building skills (aka soft skills) of a group of employment candidates. He posted a note on…
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Smart candidates would, looking for any/every edge in the interview.
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Donna Svei

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New research from RiseSmart shows that only 20% of surveyed recruiters insist on a perfect candidate!
Conventional wisdom says you MUST customize your resume for every job you apply to, but is that right? New survey research (p.24) by Kimberly Schneiderman and outplace firm RiseSmart shows that customization isn’t always needed. …
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help me financially 
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
Salesforce advocating against Msoft's LI purchase. It's about the data.
European regulators look at Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn not for what it is, but for what may be. They are right to.
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
Another new UI change I've noticed for people who write posts on LI:

I've always liked the page that shows me all of my posts laid out in a 3 X N grid. This grid shows the number of views on each post.

Now, most of the time, LI is showing me my posts in a 1 X N grid. This grid only shows the number of views on posts written in the last year.

Which grid comes up seems to be random, but I'm mostly seeing the 1 X N grid. Because of this, I captured the URL for my 3 X N grid, hoping it will continue to work.

Beyond that, the page where you can see stats for each post over time, and who shared it, seems to be gone.

Thoughts, corrections, workarounds? Thank you!

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This seems to be a quirk that has been fixed. :)
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
I wrote this post three years ago. The new LI UI eliminates the ability to arrange your skills. If you don't have the new UI yet, check to be sure your skills are arranged as you want to see them in perpetuity.

With the new UI, people who view your profile will only see the first three skills on your list unless they click to see more.

How To: Arrange Your Skills on LinkedIn
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
New LI UI: I haven't been this unhappy since the tax code changed when I was a tax accountant.

1 hr later: OK, I'm over it. I like it, except for the tiny font, the tiny dialog boxes, and my inability to update my background photo. What's with the TINY, anyway?

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Your first para would be a wonderful title for an article +Donna Svei!
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Donna Svei

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Interviewing? Should you or shouldn't you read the interviewer's LinkedIn profile? At what level of detail? Read about a test an Accenture Digital hiring manager ran on candidates. 
Paul Pierotti, a Dublin-based Managing Director at Accenture Digital, recently implemented a quick, smart check on the relationship building skills (aka soft skills) of a group of employment candidates. He posted a note on…
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
Great read for LI mavens! Salesforce IS NOT happy. said it would press regulators in the U.S. and Europe to block Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, citing antitrust issues.
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As +Bruce Johnston noted in another thread it's probably a negotiating ploy to maintain maxumum access to LinkedIn.
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
I'm loving this new LI profile feature! Have any of you used it, or do you have any user stories?
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All of LinkedIn. At least in 2012
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