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Your profile photo may be hurting your job hunt. And there are new changes to LinkedIn you need to know about. Plus understand how companies are screening candidates by their social media updates! 
These 6 posts from +william arruda +Stacy Zapar +Donna Svei +Laura Smith-Proulx +YouTern and Travis Bradberry is a solid collection to help up your social savvy! #socialmediatips   #jobsearch  
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Profile Photo Alert! Here's a foolproof way to get a profile photo that inspires others to like you, be influenced by you, and have confidence in you. #LinkedIn #SoMe
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This is great.  It's been on my to-do list for a while now, in part because I really didn't know what to tell the photographer. I like the "here, copy this!" approach.And a bit of squinch!
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Breakfast interview? Lunch interview? Dinner interview? Don't make the biggest and most common mistake! Bonus: One of all my all-time favorite, hilarious YouTube vids. #breakfastinterview   #lunchinterview   #dinnerinterview  
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A note I just sent to a client regarding LI SERP:

Hi X,

I have your profile up. You come up top of page 1 in your own network for the keyword "XYZ."

You came up on page 10 for me when I told LI that I live in Los Angeles. The first nine pages of my results were all people who live in Los Angeles. When I changed my location to San Francisco [where my client lives] you came up in the number two position on page 1. 

It looks as though LI is weighing location more heavily than ever in serving search results. 

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I saw the same thing with another client this morning. It's really important for job seekers to use their aspirational location if they want to be found -- if they can without hurting themselves in some other way.
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Donna Svei

Discussion  - 
Here's the screen mentioned by +Jim Adcock .
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Donna Svei

Executive Presence & Reputation  - 
The Wall Street Journal on the best glasses choices for men. 
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Donna Svei

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Finally! A quick, easy foolproof way to get a profile photo that impresses others with your competence, likeability, and influence!
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Thank you!
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Donna Svei

Getting Financial Results  - 
A proven method to get financial results!
Walking through the campuses of today’s Silicon Valley tech giants, it’s no surprise most employees are satisfied. Colorful workspaces, flexible schedules,
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LinkedIn just recommended that I connect to this person, halfway around the planet, and a software engineer, to increase my page views: Rashedul Quadir | LinkedIn #SomeoneNeedsToCheckTheirCode
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Oh no, now people halfway around the planet probably won't connect with me anymore either! Please don't disconnect +Donna Svei :-) Actually, we should do a post together again, worked great last time!
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Donna Svei

Executive Presence & Reputation  - 
Does Your #Resume Show "The Achiever Pattern?" | LinkedIn v @phyllismufson
Are you aware that if you have a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, applied to some job on some job board, wrote a blog post or commented on one, or tweeted something, some cloud-based piece of software is now looking at your online presence and determining your current and future hirability? Given this Minority Report-like approach to data gathering, it’s important to know what Big Brother is looking for if you’re now looking to change jobs or exp...
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Donna Svei

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Sponsored InMails? Can these be turned off?
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Terrific ready made list of Twitter accounts for job seekers to follow! From +Hannah Morgan
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Am like to know you better
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Executive Resume Writer. Google+ Profiles. LinkedIn Profiles. Retained Executive Search Consultant. Blogger:
  • Executive Resumes, LinkedIn & Google+ Profiles, Retained Executive Search Consultant
    1987 - present
  • VP & Controller, Seattle Trust & Savings Bank
    1983 - 1987
  • CPA, Deloitte
    1980 - 1983
  • Client Testimonial: Mike B., Sales Manager, CA
    “Donna doesn’t just get your resume in order, she makes you look inside yourself for what you really want to achieve and then helps you map the route to get there. Not only did she help me find a great job, she helped me focus my life personally and professionally!”
  • Client Testimonial: Bob T., Human Resources Director, VA
    "I was having a hard time trying to get interviews and was looking for alternative ideas. I came across an article, Monster's "11 for 2011, Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search," and Donna was listed. So I took a leap of faith and contacted Donna. In our first conversation, she made me feel at ease in discussing what I was looking for in a job and what type of resume I wanted. It was an easy decision to have her write my resume. She asked open-ended questions about every position I held, making me dig deep to remember the skill sets and accomplishments I had achieved. She was very patient with me as I struggled to answer her questions. She was always on time with her drafts that she had completed and sent for my review. The quality of her work is outstanding. I can see why Monster had her on their list of "11 for 2011" experts. When the time comes, I will hire her again to revamp my resume. I recommend that anyone who is in the job market, and needs a "World Class" resume to submit to a prospective employer, speak with and hire Donna as their Resume Writer/Coach."
  • Client Testimonial: Carrie K., New Media Marketing Director, WA
    “When I came to Donna I was discouraged, facing an unplanned career change and feeling I had few transferable skills. Donna helped me uncover the true skills underneath the day-to-day I was doing and showed me how to find new fields where those skills would be valued. She helped me learn to convey my unique value and gave me a crash course on networking that proved very successful. My work with Donna led me in new and exciting career directions and left me far more confident, with the ability to share my abilities and successes in engaging ways. ”
  • Client Testimonial, Dave C., CFO, DC
    "Donna provided the best, most comprehensive professional guidance I’ve ever seen regarding career search and resume building. She took the time to really dig into my professional experience, not just my background. That effort helped ensure that both my resumé and job interviews were top notch. It also ensured that I had a career match, not just a job match. I highly recommend Donna for anyone who is looking to advance his or her career. Enthusiastically..."
  • Client Testimonial: Janis C., Controller, TX
    “The resume Donna prepared for me was professional and comprehensive. Donna took time to interview me to ensure my resume was accurate and contained all the buzz words that would help get me beyond the electronic gatekeepers and into the hands of the appropriate personnel. Donna’s resume has opened doors for me that otherwise would have remained closed resulting in multiple call backs and interviews. I was so pleased with the resume Donna wrote for me I requested she write one for my husband. I would recommend Donna’s services to anyone who wants to land the perfect position.”
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Executive Resume Writer & Retained Search Consultant. Career Blogger Featured/Honored by Fast Company, HuffPo, CBS News, LifeHacker, SmartBrief on Careers, etc.

Donna Svei, Executive Resumes, G+ Profiles, LinkedIn Profiles, Retained Executive Search Consultant

I collaborate with my job-seeking clients to write job-winning resumes and Google Plus and LinkedIn profiles — your core career marketing materials 24/7/365. When your resume and social media profiles speak directly to what recruiters and hiring managers want, your job search takes less time. 

Recruiting since 1987, I have completed over 400 retained executive searches. I work with hiring managers and Human Resources on a regular basis. I know what they want to see, or not see, on your resume to move them to schedule interviews with you and make job offers.

My executive search clients include Fortune 500, mid-size, and entrepreneurial companies, major consulting firms, and some of the U.S.’s leading nonprofits.

Before 1987, I was a VP and hiring manager in the financial services industry and a CPA with Deloitte. I speak numbers. Because of this, I know how to quantify information to make your story both compelling and credible. 

The Process

  • My clients and I first agree on a fixed amount for the work we will do together. 
  • Then we identify the experience and attributes that matter most to the organizations where they want to work. 
  • Next, we have an in-depth conversation about their background to develop a narrative about where they have worked, what they have done, and the results they have delivered. 

  • Following that, I write a draft of their resume and we then collaborate to refine the draft into a finished resume and social media profiles. 

The Results

  • The process makes effective use of your time.

  • You get a market-driven resume and social media profiles that win interviews.

  • Because we have dug into your background in the context of employers' needs, you're  more aware of what you have to offer and are much better prepared for your interviews than you were before we started. 

Take Action

Email me at, or call me at 208.721.0131  because you want to know more or because you want to get started. Save time. Get hired.

Bragging rights 11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search || Bi-Monthly Career Columnist for Accounting Today || Featured on SmartBrief on Your Career || AvidCareerist Featured in Oxford University Press publication "Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication" || Included on several "Top" career blogger and Tweeter lists
  • Pepperdine Graduate Business School
    Organization Development, 2002 - 2004
  • Western Washington University
    Accounting, 1978 - 1980
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