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Building the next generation of gamers
Building the next generation of gamers


We're back from Origins where we had tons of fun running kids games.

The Capture That Asteroid! kids LARPs went well, although we learned that kids need more of a transition from the physical stage of the game to the more cerebral stage of the game.  The kids loved racing their parents through the asteroid belt, and even enjoyed solving a lot of puzzles at the end as they piloted the asteroid back through the asteroid belt.  

The Disaster on the ISS life sized board game was also a hit.  It took the full hour to run, which surprised me.   In our playtests on paper, each game took about fifteen to twenty  minutes, so I figured we'd have time to run multiple games in the hour slot.  But with actual people moving around a twenty foot long board, a lot of time was taken up with just moving.  

We had both kids and parents play it, and they all seemed to have a lot of fun with it, so I think we'll bring that one back for next year's Origins.  We've got some ideas for a more adult version of it, too, with some hidden roles and secret sabotage.  

Another successful Origins, and we're already looking forward to next year!
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Origins 2015 is fast approaching (next week, yikes!), and we're all super excited about the games we have planned.  

The kids LARP is going to be a blast, and we're exposing the kids to a couple of board games we'll be using as puzzles.  Ubongo and Knots will work well for small focused puzzles that can be repeated as needed.  

The life sized board game we designed, Disaster on the ISS, is also looking very good.  My daughter and I did a bunch of play testing to fine tune the rules so that it feels like you're on the edge of disaster, but probably won't actually get there.  

Hard to believe it's just six days until we run our first event!
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