Task 1

I have chosen to photograph my model to portray something unusual and unique about her - her elbow bends backwards. Initially this was just a random fact she told me about her self but after inquiring further she told me when she was younger she fell of the arm of her sofa, put her arms out to catch herself and snapped her elbow backwards. The image in my head of her elbows snapping backwards when she told me made me feel uncomfortable at the thought. The way I have portrayed her arm shows this feeling as i have tried to make it quite dramatic.

I found the fact that her arm bent the wrong way interesting because of the peculiar angles she could create with her arm. The image resembles the uncanny because the contortion of her elbow and wrist is slightly uncomfortable to look at in comparison to how an arm should bend. The shape of her arm becomes slightly unrecognizable as a limb as its isolated from the rest of her body. The way her arm is emerging from dark creates a sense of fearing the unknown - perhaps linking to the abnormality of a backwards bending elbow.
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