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Anyone know how to customize the Asus Zenwatch 3's top button. I've read in the reviews that it's possible to launch something other than the fitness app, but I can't figure out how to customize it. 

Trying to decide between the Zenwatch 2 and Zenwatch 3. Anyone have a side by side comparison link they can share? The 3 has a longer battery life, nicer design, and a snap on battery extender. Is there anything else major I should know about?

Amazing night of song with You Gotta Sing Chorus and special musical Guests.

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Um right one.. duh! :)
Trick or Treat? Left or right pumpkin?!

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Beautiful inside and out!

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Interesting article about google seo words!
Is Photography SEO Dead?

Today, I want to bust a recently-spawned myth about SEO...

Namely, that SEO is dead and that Google was the murderer!

Do you make use of Google Analytics to see who visits your website, and how they use it?

If so, have you noticed the mysterious keyword lurking at the top of your organic search traffic report, known only as "(not provided)"?

In the two years since it was introduced it's been mostly harmless with the numbers growing slowly but steadily in the background.

But what is it, exactly?

Simply put, Google hides the keywords people used in searches that led them to our websites, lumping them together in a messy conglomerate called "(not provided)". Why they couldn't be honest and say "(Google being selfish)" instead is beyond me.

Throwing Spears Into The Jungle

The problem is this... In September, Google made an aggressive update to expand the reach of "(not provided)" to affect every search.

Estimates indicate that by the middle of November we'll no longer have access via Google Analytics to ANY of the keywords people used to find us.

At that point, "(not provided)" will reach 100% of all searches, removing a valuable SEO feedback mechanism and leaving website owners, like photographers, feeling as if SEO is back to throwing spears into a dark jungle in the hopes of hitting something!

Clearly, this has upset a lot of folks!

But does this really mean that SEO is dead?

As often happens in the SEO world, any changes by Google leads to mass panic with people proclaiming that SEO is dead and that we're all heading back to the stone-age.

To combat the SEO propaganda and myths, this week's article presents the facts in an easy-to-read form (no gobbledygook here) - the SEO world is, in fact, not coming to a sticky end.

Click below to read the full article:

#photographybusiness   #photographymarketing   #seo   #google   #notprovided  

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A cool definition of Life! :) 

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Bailey was so busy, but it forced us to capture something truly authentic.

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