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Biotechnology | Digital Marketing | Technology - EXIGENCY
Biotechnology | Digital Marketing | Technology - EXIGENCY

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Congratulations Barry Blackerby on our first ever Star(s) of the month! Here’s a little information about Mr. Blackerby and the reasoning behind why we chose him:
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Happy New Year from EXIGENCY!

2017 was an amazing year for us, we’ve made contacts, obtained clients and met several celebrities at different events we were invited to across the US. Somewhere along our travels, opportunities presented themselves and after a long deliberation, we decided to move forward.

2018 is going to be huge and we wanted to share with you some new things that are coming your way:

• EXIGENCY has inherited a large Technology company and will be completing the Merger by March 2018. This is super exciting as our team will grow, your support will grow and most importantly, we are now able to cross over into 5 states.

• EXIGENCY will have its first MMA sponsored team with 3 world title holders/champions in their respective associations and weight classes. There will be more to come as we draw near March 2018.

• Along with the MMA team will come Merchandise, Sports Wear and Apparel. Be on the lookout for some amazing gear from the EXIGENCY shop March 2018.

• Quarter 3 2018 has made its way into our sights and our research and development teams are ready to change the world.

• We’ve obtained our low-voltage license and are now capable of running/pulling cable or installing security systems.

• EXIGENCY website is now a Multi-site website and will be open for registration soon. This allows businesses in the community to register, create a website within our community. You will have access to over 15 WordPress themes and over 120+ plugins. You can design your website any way you see fit and have complete control over it. Run campaigns, fundraisers or have a contact page… It’s completely up to you!

• EXIGENCY will also have Templates up for sale in the shop. This will help with deciding on which design you like or for our Multi-site community, purchase and a copy of the instance will be setup for you to use.

• We’ve upgraded our Web Servers to future-proof and support HTTP2, PHP 7.1 and SQL Server 2017. These will greatly increase performance, provide better compatibility and support.

• jQuery 3.2.1, jQuery Migrate 3.0.2 are now operational for more fluid scripting, scrolling, mobile responsive, light-weight scripting which spells performance.

• We will provide the latest in CPU/GPU performance from AMD as EPYC and RYZEN are fast, reliable and cost effective; more information to come soon!

• We are now proud to announce our partnerships and certifications with: Dell, Cisco, Microsoft

You're going to want to keep an eye out for us, we're making some large waves! For more information visit:
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