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Beirut Fashion Week® is one of the biggest international events in Lebanon and Middle East. It is a remarkable yearly event taking place in a luxury venue introducing the latest fashion designers showcases.

Lebanon as a leading provider of fashion platform and the gate of the fashion industry in the Middle East, we take pride in presenting the best international fashion event in the region. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the fashion designers and their collections awareness in each and every event. The production and organization crew aspire to create and produce a high caliber professional event respecting international standards that received extensive media coverage.

This magnificent event covered by most of the national and international magazines and TV stations and viewed by millions of TV viewers.

Beirut Fashion Week® is a registered trademark all rights reserved.

'The utmost approach to promote your brand and collection with various exposure and be identified by national and international media, clients and retailers'

Beirut Fashion Week® distinguished Honoree Members with their extensive background and experience in the fashion industry support excellence in results within this magnificent event and wide prospects of the fashion prosperity in the region.

Beirut Fashion Week® is being produced and organized by Maalouli International Group (MIG), which is the leading organizer of event productions in the Middle East and is widely recognized for its know-how in the internationalization of shows. The company based in Dubai and Beirut with a very high profile and strong reputation in the region, representing worldwide companies, as well producing and organizing enormous variety of high caliber events.

Beirut Fashion Week copyright © 2000 and/or Maalouli International Group, Beirut Fashion Week® is a registered trademark all rights reserved.
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