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Amir Esmann
Social Media Gardener Code in Love Cinematographer
Social Media Gardener Code in Love Cinematographer

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How to Identify Above-the-Fold CSS for Your Website

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Wonderful #Dataviz, D3 and A-Frame ,Landsculpting with Data you can explore it with VR .
From Firefox Developer Al Mossawi.
try to explore the demo with a mobile A-Frame & D3
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Old Tweet Tweet for Grandma 
Some Review note on a old Project .This need some update more Font Ideas and Backgrounds probably new backgrounds to fit not only Grandma style.  But still the simpel and fast  way to build a image out of a Tweet without photoshop for sharing on Google+ Facebook or Pinterest . or the own Blog . Probably Chrismas would be a good time to relase a new version . Collecting on Pinterest under Metafont some Font Ideas .
Facebook dont like the style how it shares the picture need some fine tune too . 
Some Visuals that would could look nice
- Writing in the Sky 
- Carving in Stone wood 
- cooky Font am backbelch

Friend Suggestions are welcome 

Todo: Write a blogpost about it ,-) so lazy in writing 

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These Account has moved ->
Here only only some random Tests  

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Skin detection JS 

Some creative code examples with video
more detailed presentation from Jason about
So what does a programmer do when he cant go abroad on his time off from work? He programs of course! Here is version 2 of my skin detection algorithm in #JavaScript . Make sure you watch in HD otherwise the green squares will look very fuzzy. About this project: So I have started this for fun on a journey of self discovery (see Simple JavaScript skin detection algorithm by Jason Mayes  for v1 - it has come a long way). It now supports what I call "interesting cluster detection" and thus improves upon my original #algorithm as I can now discard noisy data and get #useful data back from the system such as x,y co-ordinates of potentially interesting data along with its bounding box. As you can see it is working pretty nicely and runs as fast as the video. Everything programmed here I have chosen to discover myself from some sense of intuition and bit of trial and error. My reason for doing it this way is to attempt to think outside the box. Too often we are bogged down with pre assumptions or knowledge of a particular field and how something should be made which sometimes can overly complex things and limits truly fresh ideas. I've tried to keep this simple as possible, not using any fancy machine learning algorithms or horrendously complex math so hopefully is lightweight on the computer and easy to understand too. Simplicity is a complex art :-)  Please also note this still a work in progress so it is by no means perfect/finished - I have tonnes of ideas for further developments so stay tuned for updates. Enjoy!

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HTML5 DevTools Screencasting

Something to try out next weekend will come soon 
New DevTools Screencasting & Emulation features!

* Screencasting device to desktop
* Port-forwarding (which will totally change your life)
* Improved emulation (dPR, screensize, viewport, presets)

Great write-up by +Paul Irish! 

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Google Plus Author Rank Animation

Nice Visual how the G+ Building Machine works 
Though Author Rank may not be fully supported by Google as a ranking metric (yet), building a reputable name for yourself can be just as valuable in your industry or within a certain niche!

Infographic designed by Daniel Dannenberg, from an outline by Kaila Strong
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Facebook Reverse or what i learned from Google+

Most People using Wordpress Plugins to publish to their Social Stream like Facebook Fanpages LinkedIn, Twitter  or similar. Thats fine but truly a miss konzept. you have more than a hand of Friends who search for great Links and Content to share to there friends on Facebook for some Likes or Shares. 

Similar like StumbleUpon your Friends are the best Content Curator you can get. The most loved post rise up and show on top of your wall.
Lets bundle that and collect in a Single Fanpage for further import to WP. We dont need fans on that page its just a resource Pot for your Posts.

How to ... 
1.Build a Facebook Fanpage *
2. Share with your Page the best Content Videos Photos or even Text Pages or Persons share public .
3. Add some longer Text Comment to your share (500 ) 
3. Install a Feed Importer in your WP-Blog (like Feedwordprss )
4. Chose wisely a Theme that supports and translate your import

Thats the same process like posting in Google+ and importing  to your Blog. Google will love it and your Blog Content grow with great posts . Since Facebook Posts get very rare indexed by Google it counts as unik and the best at the end.

Hopefully you have a old Blog  with at least some likes 1-2 on any post that kind of "Virtual Fan Pages" redirect to your blogpost.  If you still have some of these rename it to something short more meaningful and use that Fan Page. As long you dont have more than 200 Likes FB allow to rename the Page. Its the only link inside  facebook that is a 301 follow Link and redirect to your Blog.
( SEO Backlink need a pro SEO review)

5. If you can code a bit  (many Googler can) you can tweek upgrade the original Facebook Plugin to send a Notification to the original poster that his post get shared on your Blog the same way FB do it .

Simple just some Concept that should work quite easy and bring your Blog a little bit back into your center of the Universe. But you could call it also Social Media SEO for your Blog. 

At the end a simple Video in German how to work with the Feedwordpress Plugin.  
Other FB Plugins that have a similar concept
Wordpress Facebook Comments Importer
Wordpress Image import 

Where is my Fanpage RSS Feed ? 
All Fanpages have the 2 RSS Feeds

1. Public  Fanpage RSS ID

2. Privat Fanpage RSS  for the Fanpage Notification 
you find it in

Admin Panel -> Notifications -> See All ->Get notifications via:
RSS. Only the last 10 will be shown in the FB admin interface. You can use that to evaluate Top Fans or other stats. In my case i move them into a privat WP Tag cloud so I can see easy and visual who are the most active Fans to honor and stay connected.  

Just for the Non Techy Geeks you could argue that Twitter Facebook offer simpler solution to embed posts. Thats true but a embed post is like a rent a car its not yours. If one day the Social Platform close or change they will disappear and last but not least for the Search Engine like Google it counts Zero. Same happen if your need any third party mashup like Storify or similar. Only your Blog lives as long you like.

All Social Like and widgets do exactly the same just for their Social Platforms. Google Plus is the exception they rank your Blog in front of G+ posts. Authorship is just one simple example. 

These post was written on Google Plus for the Metaprime Blog will be extended. If you have any question feel free to ask on G+ i know the writing gets sometimes a bit too complicat.

 you can comment in German to :-)
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