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[Jesus preached love, not hate. Hate the sin, not the sinner.]

This whole Chick-Fil-A thing is a total circus of ridiculousness, but I couldn't resist sharing this poignant reminder of how hypocritical and selectively-Christian these supporters are. As my friend said, "I'm no expert on mythology, but I'm pretty sure the answer to 'WWJD?' is not: Stand in line for 2 hours to eat processed chicken as a symbolic statement to hate strangers. But what do I know?..."

Edited to add: Yes, we don't know that all of these people are Christians, but the only justification people can find to be against homosexuality/gay marriage is that "the bible tells us so," so we can safely assume that most, if not all, of these people are Christians.

Also, yes, of course not all Christians share these views. The message is directed at those who do.

Additionally, for the record, I don't think homosexuality is a sin, nor do I think hate should ever enter into the equation, period. I'm just echoing the words of those whole follow the Bible, which tells you to hate the sin, not the sinner.

#ChickFilA #gayrights  

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Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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Well I guess that answers that question then.

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I'm a big fan of this guy. Get well soon sir.

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Photos of the Space Shuttle Discovery flying over the National Mall. 
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I will never understand the American obsession to own guns and the refusal to recognise the clear link between a lack of gun controls and gun-related homicides. Here are a few choice paragraphs, but the whole thing makes a great read.

"But guns in America are no trifling matter. There are approximately 90 guns for every 100 people in the US (a rate almost 15 times higher than England and Wales). More than 85 people a day are killed with guns and more than twice that number are injured with them. Gun murders are the leading cause of death among African Americans under the age of 44."

"... the mantra from NRA enthusiasts and others is that guns don't kill people, people kill people. This banal iteration conveniently ignores the fact that people can kill people far easier with guns than almost anything else and that, in a country with high levels of inequality, poverty and segregation, such as America, they are more likely to do so."

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If "draw something" was on the Titanic.

The Harry Potter books are now available as ebooks on Pottermore. Good news of course, however if you live in the U.S. you cannot buy the U.K. versions (i.e. the ones in the language as originally written by the author). If you don't want to read about sweaters, sneakers, parking lots, etc, then you can follow this workaround to get the U.K. versions. I have used it and it definitely works.

1) Set up your main US account. This one will be where you buy the GB version.

2) Change the Book Language to English(GB). Not the site language, the book language.

3) You won't be able to use the buy button. Use the gift link just below the buy button.

4) Send the gift to yourself at a different e-mail address. Use UK as that gift recipients country.

5) You can now check out as normal using your US credit card.

6) Set up a second Pottermore Store account with the other email address, but this time select UK as the country of residence.

7) You will get the gift code in that email account you set when you bought the gift. Use that code to accept the gift in your second Pottermore account.

8) You will now have the UK version of the book. :) Go ahead and link your Amazon account and send it off to your Kindle. Even though it's a US Amazon account it works just fine. You will get Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. YAY!!! :) In fact I now have both in my account with no problems.
(Note: found this on amazon tucked away in a discussion board, so props to the legend who put this out there -

When I asked about the reason for not being able to get the U.K. version in the U.S., I was given the standard speil about "legal and copyright reasons" however this seems like nonsense. They should just register the U.K. version in the U.S. as was done with the Spanish version.

Even if copyright is a legitimate problem and not just laziness, the U.K. version did not need to be changed in the first place. If U.S. kids can read Charles Dickens and Shakespeare then I am sure they could have coped with a few British idioms. In fact, if the U.S. publishers didn't have such a low opinion of American children, there would now be tens of millions of kids more comfortable with British idioms and no need to change any future books. After all, that is how Brits know what American terms mean. Kids are pretty quick on the uptake, and it's a shame this opportunity was missed to expand their knowledge of the English language. Americans are no dumber than anyone else, but these kind of things force kids to be ignorant of other cultures, which then makes them seem more stupid when they visit other countries and don't know what a jumper is. In other words, "STOP TRANSLATING THINGS ALREADY WRITTEN IN THE TARGET LANGUAGE!" Thanks.

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Ok, so I probably wouldn't go quite this far, but the point is valid.
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