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Nicoleta Neagoy

PD Visual Poetry (with © image)  - 
From the Basin of Love

These raindrops journeyed here to cleanse the widows,
In concert with tears from the eyes…

Beyond what appears are signs to behold in our hearts;
A tree on the other side beckons a step onward, a guide…

From the basin of love, we can follow the light from within; 
The holiest tones in silence infuse a calm of divine strength…

And I watch as I feel the words written by many like us in the storm,
I see we can each be at peace justly placed in the center of the soul.

The turmoil ceases in the will to be bathed in the lightning of truth;
The currents transverse the downpours to a placid inner knowing of love.

To remember to return to God is the way of the truth and the light in all;
We come from the Basin of Love to willfully choose the integrity in living His love.

A long farewell to this course in a life filled with packages wrapped and tied in ribbons--
All set as presents to be opened all year, after year, month, day, hour, minute, second too,

Happens in a split blink to end for a new beginning; across the way in onward step, a prayer
I whisper from on high like thunder, like shouts, like screams bellowing passed the dark tunnel:

Designed uniquely like feathers, we elevate to carry our service through the tunnel of His Love…
It is He in light we meet to see through our darkness into truth for that is the ultimate integrity.
Every tucked teaching given and received in our lifetime unwraps in His presence, and revealed
We aim to be, once we are who we become, because the “I am me” has a voice forever more…

In truth we aim to live our best; in lies we confess to be our worst, yet in God we turn to divine.
Nearly four decades from Miss to Mrs. to Mom, and to Dad, we puzzled pieces to completion…

The departure chimes an arrival to well being beyond the window streaked in crystal dew drops
And the moment of the meeting is as timely as the seasons, as the cycle of our luminous souls.

God embodies love felt in every beating heart that delivers love in truth, faith, hope, beauty--
Even in the light of our shadows, He abides in glorious beauty to purify and clarify existence.

In gratitude to our Lord Jesus, for you, the father of our four sons, for the good we imparted,
I gift the essence of my humble understanding of the past, the now, and the forever future.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 3-9-2016

From the room of my husband's hospital room...
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+KARMA WOLF Thank you for reading my poem...and blessings to the other Friends as well...
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Nicoleta Neagoy

Introduction  - 
A sign kept in the classroom window...long ago...
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Thank you for the + dear +Humming Bird 
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Nicoleta Neagoy

Introduction  - 
IN LIFE, we breathe the first and last breadth. We welcome being welcomed from the start. We learn that ALL FOR ONE keeps us safe, and that unified spirit thrives all souls to be constructive.
The story of the Cleveland Clinic, in Ceveland , Ohio, is about three prominent doctors who gave all for the benefit of its community.
A country person at heart, the city gave me pause. To cross the streets, thoughtful, lawful design, keeps pedestrians safe...
For "Dignity and Justice to All" reigns in our nation. It is in this great nation that civility does abide, despite problematic situations. I pray there are those who can succeed in building bridges and buildings
and houses to lead us all home...

Nicoleta I. Neagoy 5-24-2016
Each of us can unite with those who yearn and thrive to better our communities...and keep in mind that "World Peace Begins at Home."
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Blessings dear +Sanjeev D. 
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Nicoleta Neagoy

Shared publicly  - 
In Prayer

I do Hold On
To a day when we feel safe
And our children are not led astray.
The moon above the world is known to all
Yet its silver white glow is too soft to call.
The echoes alert and fade like run away ripples; 
Mothers raise their mothers from hearts to stipples
Like divine stars blinking after the rain shower of tears.
Regardless of arms that hold to lull in comfort a newborn,
The human grows to weather in the path of wolves and sheep.
Whether it’s destiny or fate each one of us chooses, I still hold on
To the light to be brighter than darkness day and night as a divine icon.
 Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 5-2-2016

Thank you Stunning Painting for allowing me to share this inspiring
art piece...Blessings.
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+Anna L. Nickens I appreciate you reading this one as well...Hugs and thank you...

Nicoleta Neagoy

Shared publicly  - 
Songstress Syren's wise message...and I dare add...Moms always carry a beam of their child's soul...despite barriers, in spite of circumstances. 
It is the God love through us, like  the earth and air that spurs a seed to sprout.
Nurture Is Nature
Motherhood is a highly personal experience and state of being that is designed for us to learn from one another’s wisdom and experience. As Mother's Day approaches it always brings a special meaning as my birthday is the 8th of May. My thoughts today are deeply drawn to the state of mothering of our world. My heart is broken from the tragic events we are experiencing around the globe. Today I am compelled to write as it is both cathartic and necessary.

 -------"We Are Made For One Another In Every Sense And Across Every Divide, Divides That Have Been Created By Our Own Fear And Shortcomings, We Are Inextricably Intertwined Because We Are The Human Family"------------

We see our World in despair and feel a motherly pain in our souls. We see the need of our family and friends and feel a nurturing yet conflicted emotion. It is difficult at times to separate feelings, to do what is correct and nurturing in all situations. Feelings of pain, guilt, resentment, loneliness and anger stop the flow of our "innate nurturing characters". Conflicted feelings prevent us from experiencing even nurturing that is offered to us. All these emotional conflicts are what leads to the neglect that is so prevalent Across The Globe. Yes I know it is not popular to speak of neglect in association with this celebratory day. I realize quite clearly the focus is to forget and to stay in the comfort zones that we create, this is understandable. The lack of mothering that exists around us is of course no different than the lack of fatherhood yet with motherhood there is a symbiotic relationship as the carrier of life. The mother is before life begins the sole nurturer. Today I will speak to you of Light in an energy of empowerment and victory over the devastation we see around us and feel within us. In my mind this is cause for true celebration of the Spirit of Motherhood.
I do not pretend to know the hearts and minds of every reader of words I pen but I know one thing clearly and that is, we are all Called to Nurture. We are called to nurture ourselves and one another. We are called to nurture the earth, sea and sky moreover the land beneath our feet that we call home. We are All called to rise to every challenge we face as Nations of the Globe and as mothers, fathers, sister, brothers. A compassionate Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humanity, this is our True Calling. This is not a dream of fluff and fancy, this is reality, plain and simple. We must stop debating that which is Just and Pure and bring these righteous actions to completion. These basic human dignities are above and beyond any one Nation or and one Spiritual affiliation. We must see and understand we defeat the very precepts of our spiritual obligations with our refusal to unite as One behind Humanity as a whole.This is the liability of our minds, we question even the good efforts of others.
The message is clear. Mother yourself, Mother your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and All people you are able to extend your nurturing motherly love to, do it for yourself first and foremost that you might learn your True Nature in this Life. This will carry over and extend into every of area of life. Giving of yourself, your blessing and talents will transform your entire vibration in the cosmos and create a spark in the universe. The imperfections we all carry with us are not there to be accepted like a badge of pain and honor. Imperfections and flaws of character exist to call you to rise, to challenge yourself to improve, to become the best image of your true character demonstrated in the world, in your life and times. This victory will echo throughout the ages. This is now the Progressive Age some of you are aware of this from my writings these recent years. We now live in a time that the impossible is possible. Why is that so? It is so because today we have the power of the collective will and the means of organizing our will to succeed collectively. So I will urge you not to see the communication ability of our modern world as your oyster, to capitalize for mere personal gain but to see it for the blessing it is able to be for the entire human species. I urge you to think outside of private gain and think in terms of Gains for Humanity.
“Stay in Flow of Peace and Peace will Flow to You”
Christina Conti
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Thank you very much +Anna L. Nickens 
Your posts are amazing...I shared one...:-)

Nicoleta Neagoy

Shared publicly  - 
Today we celebrate the comfort of the peace given us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  In the Orthodox faith, each person greets another and responds :
"Christ Is Risen !...Indeed He Is Risen !"
I celebrate all Easters...every day...Orthodoxy follows the Gregorian calendar....No right or wrong...different...and its heart to heart love
for the prince of peace, Jesus Christ.
With much love to all the world.

( I could not remove the writing below the Easter eggs...sorry)
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Thank you...and Many blessings...

Nicoleta Neagoy

Introduction  - 
+Rajendran Damodaran Pillai​ and +Nicole White
This is my SHOW AND TELL ...rainbow t-short designed years ago...
"For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory."...1997 NIN...
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+Lovely Skeptic Catherine Dignity and Justice for All...
I posted this without seeking your community,so I don't know how it happened...
I also posted it to show +Nicole White and +Rajendran Damodaran Pillai the t-shirt I had designed years ago...and it came to mind because of the full rainbow...
You are welcome to ban me completely.
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Nicoleta Neagoy

Introduction  - 
+Lily Aiken​...dearest...Tumbleweed is on my right, and Dandelion on my left...They sandwiched me because of thundering noises---a security cuddle comforts them :)
I asked my husband to take the photo...
Bless his heart...Today he had the second Chemo treatment...
Good night and God bless you...
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Thhank you dear +Austin Mom, and +Jennifer L. Shepherd...Blessings...
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Nicoleta Neagoy

Discussion  - 
A New Day

Unlike a week or two ago
In spring light on blooms
Unannounced, first Walter
and then Alex departed…

They were friends…
They were brother–in-laws…
They shook hands at one time
They were loved and still are

The gap only God can fill
Is wide open in the hearts
Of Phyllis and Terry and ours.
We who remain can impart

To be kind, to be thoughtful
To let go of all hurt, to greet
A new day in love and peace
For they now meet in heaven.

Now One in Spirit in His Kingdom
They beckon this day to be joyful
It is here our servitude is needed
To nourish each to shine as a star

Each is a crystal of God’s Holy Being
We can embrace one another by far
Despite the distances; our hearts
Beat near in step with their lives…

We are all here in His Kingdom,
In His Power and in His Glory…
To love one another, and trust
All is well with their souls and ours…

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 5-20-2016
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God bless you +Anna L. Nickens for visiting here...
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Nicoleta Neagoy

Shared publicly  - 
I love this story :-) and hope you do too...

Nicoleta Neagoy

Shared publicly  - 
How many of you care to watch the entire video and write the pledge " This will never happen in America." ?
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+Hossien El-Nashaar Thank you...

Nicoleta Neagoy

Shared publicly  - 
I care enough to be informed.

This is not political.  These are the facts.
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+Rosy Souzza...I have just returned from a seven week visit at the Cleveland Clinic for my husband's health issues...One day I took a trolley to see parts of the city...and returned in tears. On the sidewalk was the American flag. On it stood young men with signs and a Mexican flag.
I am glad I was unable to confront them...however, I felt hurt and betrayed. We helped so many foreigners without ever anticipating such disrespect. I know it doesn't apply to all, but I think it is tragically wrong to reap the benefits of our nation while slamming our nation's flag...
It frightens me that so many cannot recognize the need for boundaries.
Thank you...blessings...
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  • B. A. Alliance College
    English, 1967 - 1971
    This outstanding campus was founded by the Polish National Alliance. It served students in major fields of interests with an amazing staff of professors who truly loved teaching their subjects. Science, Math, History, Philosophy, and English were presented with passion, and for one like me who was new to America, the ambiance offered a safe and welcoming environment. It was an honor to graduate with a teaching job in 1971. I loved being a part of a wholesome academic organization.
  • M.A. Edinboro State University
    English, 1975
    Here I was introduced to juggling the study of Literary Criticism, and English and American literature courses while teaching full time at Maplewood High School in the midst of climatic and personal winter storms. I wedged through the life of education while educating. Having a conservative heart, it was unsettling meeting the liberal minded, but I was challenged to graze from their fields. I humbly accepted the degree with a lid on my ambitious endeavors. Suffice it to say the seventies catered to the hippies, and I didn't fit in the mold of pot smokers or God bashers. Sadly, I made worse choices as many do in their twenties.
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