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Nicoleta Neagoy
Painting and writing...
Painting and writing...

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From the Basin of Love

These raindrops journeyed here to cleanse the widows,
In concert with tears from the eyes…

Beyond what appears are signs to behold in our hearts;
A tree on the other side beckons a step onward, a guide…

From the basin of love, we can follow the light from within; 
The holiest tones in silence infuse a calm of divine strength…

And I watch as I feel the words written by many like us in the storm,
I see we can each be at peace justly placed in the center of the soul.

The turmoil ceases in the will to be bathed in the lightning of truth;
The currents transverse the downpours to a placid inner knowing of love.

To remember to return to God is the way of the truth and the light in all;
We come from the Basin of Love to willfully choose the integrity in living His love.

A long farewell to this course in a life filled with packages wrapped and tied in ribbons--
All set as presents to be opened all year, after year, month, day, hour, minute, second too,

Happens in a split blink to end for a new beginning; across the way in onward step, a prayer
I whisper from on high like thunder, like shouts, like screams bellowing passed the dark tunnel:

Designed uniquely like feathers, we elevate to carry our service through the tunnel of His Love…
It is He in light we meet to see through our darkness into truth for that is the ultimate integrity.
Every tucked teaching given and received in our lifetime unwraps in His presence, and revealed
We aim to be, once we are who we become, because the “I am me” has a voice forever more…

In truth we aim to live our best; in lies we confess to be our worst, yet in God we turn to divine.
Nearly four decades from Miss to Mrs. to Mom, and to Dad, we puzzled pieces to completion…

The departure chimes an arrival to well being beyond the window streaked in crystal dew drops
And the moment of the meeting is as timely as the seasons, as the cycle of our luminous souls.

God embodies love felt in every beating heart that delivers love in truth, faith, hope, beauty--
Even in the light of our shadows, He abides in glorious beauty to purify and clarify existence.

In gratitude to our Lord Jesus, for you, the father of our four sons, for the good we imparted,
I gift the essence of my humble understanding of the past, the now, and the forever future.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 3-9-2016

From the room of my husband's hospital room...

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2017 Christmas is Coming

Merry Friends and Family…I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas

From our pine woods nest on literally Cougar Run…in Hemphill, Texas.

The defining moments have been too many to address and now that

time has taken a stillness of serious reflection, I look upon each day

as having a life of its own. The happy of yesteryears remain immersed

In love that never ends. The challenges are as interesting as the weather

that flocks around us through the four seasons with nuances complete.

Plug the lights of rainbow colors on the tree filled with bows and bulbs,

and I know the best that was and hope for the best yet to be... I am in a

quiet peace because the celebration of baby Jesus’ birth is coming to

return us to Our Father... blessed in the prayer words that lend us comfort…

Our sons are on their journeys like the Four Kittens storybook they

Heard as children. Our Daniel married Tara in July… Our David is with

Friends…Our Douglas is in China, and our Darrin here at home… They have

cats, talents, dreams, aspirations, dogs, and chickens.

We have one another near and far… We have you…

in our thoughts and hearts throughout the year…

I am so grateful you keep in touch…

I hug you with my love.



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I love the inspiration Jesus has been in all of our lives...

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Sending all of you a heart hug...

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If you truly care to think of noble truths, this is worthy of your time for reflection.God bless our President Trump, God bless us in America, and the world. We all fall short of the grace of God, and it is time to acknowledge Mr. Trump leads from the heart. I trust this article says it completely.

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This painting on a gate that leads into a garden still welcomes me to listen to the beat of hearts near and far. I hope to finish the chapter because there are more simmering while the tea pot whistles :-)..

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I hope you will enjoy this as much as I I celebrate my name's day :-)...

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My Name's Day...

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Flying over iconic landscapes in Bucharest from drone- aerial view of Romanian's capital on George Enescu's music, "Romanian Rapsody Nr. 1"...My parents' birthplace...Romania.

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Thinking of loved ones...
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