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Nicoleta Neagoy

PD Visual Poetry (with © image)  - 
From the Basin of Love

These raindrops journeyed here to cleanse the widows,
In concert with tears from the eyes…

Beyond what appears are signs to behold in our hearts;
A tree on the other side beckons a step onward, a guide…

From the basin of love, we can follow the light from within; 
The holiest tones in silence infuse a calm of divine strength…

And I watch as I feel the words written by many like us in the storm,
I see we can each be at peace justly placed in the center of the soul.

The turmoil ceases in the will to be bathed in the lightning of truth;
The currents transverse the downpours to a placid inner knowing of love.

To remember to return to God is the way of the truth and the light in all;
We come from the Basin of Love to willfully choose the integrity in living His love.

A long farewell to this course in a life filled with packages wrapped and tied in ribbons--
All set as presents to be opened all year, after year, month, day, hour, minute, second too,

Happens in a split blink to end for a new beginning; across the way in onward step, a prayer
I whisper from on high like thunder, like shouts, like screams bellowing passed the dark tunnel:

Designed uniquely like feathers, we elevate to carry our service through the tunnel of His Love…
It is He in light we meet to see through our darkness into truth for that is the ultimate integrity.
Every tucked teaching given and received in our lifetime unwraps in His presence, and revealed
We aim to be, once we are who we become, because the “I am me” has a voice forever more…

In truth we aim to live our best; in lies we confess to be our worst, yet in God we turn to divine.
Nearly four decades from Miss to Mrs. to Mom, and to Dad, we puzzled pieces to completion…

The departure chimes an arrival to well being beyond the window streaked in crystal dew drops
And the moment of the meeting is as timely as the seasons, as the cycle of our luminous souls.

God embodies love felt in every beating heart that delivers love in truth, faith, hope, beauty--
Even in the light of our shadows, He abides in glorious beauty to purify and clarify existence.

In gratitude to our Lord Jesus, for you, the father of our four sons, for the good we imparted,
I gift the essence of my humble understanding of the past, the now, and the forever future.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 3-9-2016

From the room of my husband's hospital room...
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Thank you kindly Baleshwar PUROHIT...for reading this poem and visiting my posts. I wish you the best. Blessings.
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Nicoleta Neagoy

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God bless Americans who stand with America.
We stand united by our values.
Thank you...Sam Moore !!
The legendary Sam & Dave singer will perform at the 'Make America Great Again: Welcome Celebration' alongside Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down.
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I can't wait...I bought a candle to light and will begin my day with prayers...and I will ask God to bless Mr. Donald J. Trump with His do His will...
Love you all. Thank you.

Nicoleta Neagoy

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YES, I believe our nation's DEFENDERS should earn more $ !!
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Salutes to you my Friends...Yes, I think we could do so much better than we have...This is an eye opener...Imagine if all who buy the tickets that cost the big bucks, donated them instead to the wounded warriors...Imagine...That kind of difference...would be our way of giving back...just as Trump has done and will be doing...When our perspective changes, we too van make a great difference.

Nicoleta Neagoy

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Please reach out to as many as possible.
Obama and the liberal left including Rosie O'Donnell are out to our nation great harm.
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My Maui Friend says lives in the sea of liberals but keeps smiling...She says "WE, THE PEOPLE" won !!

Nicoleta Neagoy

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Barack Obama's net worth as of the 2008 election: $8 million
Barack Obama's net worth as of the 2012 election: $24 million
Barack Obama's net worth as of December 2015: $46 million...
BO's salary as president is $500,000 a year.
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Thank you dear Friends for staying aware.

Nicoleta Neagoy

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God bless the United States of America...

Nicoleta Neagoy

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I am so happy and ask God to bless the Donald J. Trump
family along with The Mike Pence family...and all the men and women who will be taking the helm to Make America Better Than Ever Again. God bless all Americans who stand with America...

Nicoleta Neagoy

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I would applaud their end of service for the people they represent. We have a President -elect whose vision is include all Americans.He is taking no pay.
Who are these people who ran for public office ? Who will vote them back into office ?
Common sense has left this crowd...or maybe they have received a gift from someone with real deep pockets...and the cash feels good...better than be representing their constituents at the nation's capital. SHAME !!
Here are the Democrats Who are Skipping Trump's Inauguration

Nicoleta Neagoy

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AMERICANS stand with AMERICA...This horrible organization is NOT for our good...this is not the American way. We are a wholesome people, despite our human frailties...but this is garbage and we can do better. We don't need anymore divisions. Please reject the wrong.
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I think there is a slow awakening...

Nicoleta Neagoy

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How about we teach youngsters to read, write, and learn to express their best talent in such a way that there would be more stories of wealthy people giving back to their nation ?
How about we ask the wealthiest to emulate the heart of the Trump Family? How about we show respect and trust that there are good successful people who care to help?
True Americans want all to prosper. BIG GOVERNMENT will NEVER be the answer. IT has put us in debt. I doubt most High School graduates can write out one trillion dollars but we many trillions ?
BIG GOVERNMENT has made politicians and their organizers wealthy.
It is time to wake up. We can work together for the good because all of our lives matter all over the world...but world peace begins at home...
America is our home. I pray we can stand together.
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Dearest Friends...Thank you for liking this post. The wealthy, really wealthy, must be watching Trump in disbelief. This is a teaching moment for our nation. I pray for Mr. Trump.

Nicoleta Neagoy

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All Americans opposed to this man, have not listened, do not understand, and they are misinformed by the enemy within. I pray God keeps Mr. Trump, his family, administration, and our country safe. We need to reverse the force aimed to destroy our freedom.
God bless our United States of America.
Nicoleta Neagoy originally shared:

All Americans opposed to this man, have not listened, do not understand, and they are misinformed by the enemy within. I pray God keeps Mr. Trump, his family, administration, and our country safe. We need to reverse the force aimed to destroy our freedom.
God bless our United States of America.
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THIS is the ONE to WATCH IF YOU DISLIKE him...otherwise you'll love him more :-)

Nicoleta Neagoy

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An extraordinary watch and understand if one speaks German...but still a fascinating study of human nature combined with amazing talent an amazing life...This is long...but well worth the viewing...
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Angel +Nicoleta Neagoy,
Thanks for the,
Precious Blessings !!
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  • B. A. Alliance College
    English, 1967 - 1971
    This outstanding campus was founded by the Polish National Alliance. It served students in major fields of interests with an amazing staff of professors who truly loved teaching their subjects. Science, Math, History, Philosophy, and English were presented with passion, and for one like me who was new to America, the ambiance offered a safe and welcoming environment. It was an honor to graduate with a teaching job in 1971. I loved being a part of a wholesome academic organization.
  • M.A. Edinboro State University
    English, 1975
    Here I was introduced to juggling the study of Literary Criticism, and English and American literature courses while teaching full time at Maplewood High School in the midst of climatic and personal winter storms. I wedged through the life of education while educating. Having a conservative heart, it was unsettling meeting the liberal minded, but I was challenged to graze from their fields. I humbly accepted the degree with a lid on my ambitious endeavors. Suffice it to say the seventies catered to the hippies, and I didn't fit in the mold of pot smokers or God bashers. Sadly, I made worse choices as many do in their twenties.
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    dust and fur chaser...pineapple planter...short order cook and baker..., 1979 - 2014
    I have a nook at The Chicken Koop in Nampa, Idaho. I have no clue how long this will last, but for now, I am exercising the art of patience. Paul Boese said it best: "Patience is the art of caring slowly." By reading inspirational quotes and books that align with my heart, life unfolds more easily. I pray for worldwide peace, and I'm well aware that it begins at home. That said, I depend on those nearest to be serving their best. In silence, as Gandhi proposed, we reach the truth more clearly, and sometimes, I try to figure out a way to bring the whole world into the light of God. That ambition is over the top, and so I pray. We can all do that :-)
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