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Brad Szollose
Leadership Lessons for a 21st Century Workforce
Leadership Lessons for a 21st Century Workforce


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12 Days of Trailblazers: Meet Brad Szollose

HONORED to be in Tony Rubleski's 4th book; Trailblazers.

When I read Brad Szollose’s book manuscript a few years ago, I was stunned. I quickly discovered that his knowledge, wisdom, and insights picked up throughout his own life journey are not only worth noting, but, more importantly, reading and using to improve your own life, career, or business.

In his book Liquid Leadership, his brutal honesty is inspiring in an age of finger pointing and victim mentality that courses...

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Is Creativity just for Designers? Not in my to create a Creative Driven Environment.

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Are Millennials just like every other generation? Not when you hear my findings...

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What are some Best Practices for Team-Driven Leadership? Team Driven Management.

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Instead of firing someone, try moving them according to skill set...

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*How To Hire Better in The Age of Millennials..."

How do you find the best people in this day and age? I give you my answers...

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Confessions from The other words "So, You Want To Be a Speaker?"
By Guest Blogger and Business Partner Tony Rubleski of The MindCapture Group.

Of late, I’ve been living out of hotel rooms, airplanes and rental cars even more than usual. I’m not complaining, as my forthcoming new book, Trailblazers, releasing on 9/4/18 (M...
Confessions from The Road
Confessions from The Road

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*How to Manage, Market & Lead in the Age of Millennials."

Who is joining me and Tony Rubleski for a Full-Day Workshop in Las Vegas on May 22, as well present How to Manage & Market in the 21st Century? It begins with understanding today's finicky customer AND workforce.

Limited number of tickets are still available!
$250 gets you: Full-day workshop from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:30 Registration.

Coffee & Tea with Continental Breakfast. Lunch Included.

Signed copies of Brad’s award-winning book Liquid Leadership, and Tony’s latest MindCapture book ‘TRAILBLAZERS’ along with other resources for you and your company.

New York, New York Hotel & Casino
3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

To Register, call 616-638-3912 or email us at

We have a few tickets left.

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Tony Rubleski interviews Web Pioneer and Leadership Development Expert Brad Szollose for this month's MindCapture Group Interview.

This month's Captured Wisdom CD thought leader interview for MindCapture Newsletter members only. "This month Brad explains to our listeners what it was like to build one of the world's FIRST Dot Com Agencies; K2 Design, Inc. , and fill us in on how he helps companies like The American Management Association and Tony Robbins Business Mastery Graduates understand and work with Millennials..."

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*Leadership Lessons Series #4/4: Become a Resource, Not a Know-It-All

I recently accompanied a friend of mine to the doctors office, but she was not the patient - her son was. The young 15 year old was having weight gain issues. Naturally the mother was worried. The reason I was there was she had voiced her frustration with this particular doctor.

After reading the young man's info the doctor began chastising him for his diet. We assured her that he eats less than...
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