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How to Put Clickable Links in YouTube Videos
See How to Make a Clickable Link on YouTube Videos

In order to be able to put clickable links in your YouTube videos you have to have a verified account and an Associated website. You'll find the instructions to be able to do this at the end of this presentation.

The steps to be able to put a clickable link in the YouTube video is to go to the End screen / Annotations where you can add both an image and video that cover the last 20 seconds of your video. You can also add a subscribe button and a poll.

In this prestenation we are only concerned with the first two functions because the subscribe option shows only the picture associated with your website and the other option is for a poll.

Choose the link option and then using your Associated domain you can make this click through to anywhere you want your visitors to go. To make a redirect the easiest option is to download the WordPress plugin Pretty Links and make a redirect with that.

You can then choose an image for subscribing or getting more information as you see at the end of this video. You will need to have a video or playlist in your end screen so why not make it a video asking for people to subscribe to your Channel. Which always a good idea to have a strong call to action and what better way than with another video.

You can make your own images at and 300 by 300 pixels is a good size to use. Canva is a free image making platform and I use it daily for making thumbnails for my videos among other things.

Now you can see how easy it is to put clickable links in YouTube videos go ahead and do you make yours.

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Russell Brunson Endorses Silent List Building Business Model

In his latest book, Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson outlines the perfect business model. In one part he endorses the Silent List Building model as he describes exactly the framework that silent list building is built on.

He shows how too many marketers promote one program or one company after another. If offer one fails or becomes stale, the marketer then moves on to another company or offer, then another and another.

In doing so they damage their reputation as being somebody to go to for good advice and products. What Russell Brunson advises is to use a business model where the entry is free and the product provided has all the tools and training necessary for the student to be able to make money.

The model should be designed so that after the Free level, the first upgrade will provide more advanced tools and training taking the student to the next level. This model can be extended to provide a second and third upgrade and more if required.

As a marketer when you're offering this type of product and service, your credibility stays intact because you're promoting a good quality product where the student can learn and grow his or her own business at the pace that suits them.

Russell Brunson did not set out to endorsed Silent List Building but he was in fact describing exactly how Silent List Building has been designed from the ground up.

What is Silent List Building?

Silent List Building is a program with a free entry level that supplies in-depth training and the necessary tools to build not one but several highly targeted lists at the same time. This is quite a simple process that even someone starting out making money online, can follow and be successful within just a few days.

The first upgrade gives access to more tools where the student can expand on the list building and a further upgrade provides Mastermind Level Training and ongoing live training on a weekly basis.

There is a further upgrade in the works as this is written and this training will allow the student to develop a long time perpetual passive income from using Silent List Building advanced training techniques.

Silent List Building teaches Merge Marketing, Soft Push Method, Facebook Re-targeting, Building a Custom Audience, FBrilla, RTmojo,

Register to become a silent list builder:

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What is silent list building and who is it for?

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Silent List Building.
What is silent list building and who is it for?

In this video I want to show you what silent list building is and how you can apply it to build your own business.

In brief silent list building will allow you to build huge lists of targeted people in any business but not in the traditional way that you may think.

Instead of just the traditional way of putting people onto an email subscriber list which is included in this method, you'll also be able to build list through re-targeting pixels on Facebook and other advertising platforms that you'll be introduced to.

The place to start with silent list building is with the free videos the Silent List Builder, The Four Course Meal and The Storm is Coming.

It is very important that you watch these videos carefully and go through them more than once so that you fully understand and get the concept of what is being taught to you in this free training.

Once you have gone through those three videos you will be able to start building your own lists on Facebook for free. You can earn commissions in Bitcoin because that is the payment processor that our platform uses.

There is a fast start guide included so that you can go out the same day that you register and start building your own lists and earning commissions instantly.

Because we use Bitcoin as a payment processor there's no waiting to receive your commissions.Once you've gone through the three introductory training videos you have access to your back office.

The back office is in two parts which you need to be familiar with and all the training that you need do understand and operate the system is included for free.

There are two levels of paid membership the first of which gives you access to all the tools to make your Attraction Funnel system work.

The second part gives you access to a huge Mastermind Training which you will not be able to go through in a day. You will need to take your time pace yourself, go through each training and apply what you learn each day.

Silent List Building will change the way you think about marketing and the way that you market online.

It is a method, a set of tools and training that will allow you to move your business up to a very high level enabling you to earn far more than you might do if you were not to become a Silent List Builder.

To get started go and watch the Silent List Building video now.

Silent List Building. What is silent list building and who is it for?
I am a silent list builder R U?

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