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I can't believe it I had gone away, and been using Resurrection Remix which has the Open Source PIE menu built-in. Then I saw Paranoid released Version 6.0.3 for my device OH Happy DAY!! I flash and fire it up only to find out there is no PIE navigation apparently?! WHAT like THE flagship paranoid feature (aside from per app DPI which with Android changes to security I can see how that's a pain to get running like it was), but NO PIE Like WTF?! You should really post warning for users either as a whole or those using a "Legacy build" what features may or may not be available. Also a util in the OS wherein I can go to it and list all the features of PA with those features highlighted that are available to me would be a Super help as I get the whole integrating with Android gestures and what not seems cool, but some times you just want to get at the info quick and not have to remember or google up which gesture is needed for what features.

D851 [Tmo G3]

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Folks, for anyone with a nexus 7 2013 (Flo) who wants Android 4.4.2 WITH HALO (paranoid 3.99 version of). I found a ROM which has it fully embedded and working. Immersive mode with HALO is sweet.

Can't wait for newer Halo to hit, but if you're like me and crack flash this should help scratch your itch while waiting:

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I live paranoid, Halo with Immersive mode would be awesome so notifications can be seen without having to wake the whole UI when in the middle of things just to see the latest spam message. Also using Flo is solid soo far, but for the second most used ROM around why does it takes SOO long for updates? Then when they hit they are just a very lightly barely modified stock version with Super SU added? Kills me I hit refresh each day and nothing, no halo, no pie, no paranoid settings. Kind of a shame I purchased the beta settings unlock key when there are none to unlock. I LOVE paranoid and have done ROM development myself so I know it can be a pain and will hang in there but no update in the least in over a week is killing me when my phone uses CM11 and gets nightly (sometimes they do skip a day, but it has sweet substantive changes (see changelog each day), and yet Not even a hint of an update on my brand new tablet leaves me scratching my head as my phone is over 2 years old running daily builds of 4.4.2 and my 4 month old tablet waits and waits.
Weekly Update Merry Christmas!

While things still aren't exactly where we wanted it to be at this point (Hybrid Engine), here is our first release of AOSPA4+

NOTE: No HALO, No PIE, No Hybrid
Not yet anyway


Mako (Nexus 4)
Hammerhead (Nexus 5)
Flo (Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi)
Deb (Nexus 7 2013 LTE)
Grouper (Nexus 7 Wi-Fi)
Tilapia (Nexus 7 3g)
Manta (Nexus 10)
Maguro (Galaxy Nexus)

Change log: -



# As usual grab our latest version of GApps -

# If you are coming from Android version 4.3, Stock 4.4 or another ROM, it is recommended that you factory reset before flashing.

# While there are new radios and bootloaders for 4.4 they are an optional upgrade.
Sorry, I don't have any links.

# If you are on an unofficial build, (yes) you can perform a dirty flash.
Latest fixes were added over the weekend. If your build is fresher than that, they should be about the same

# Maguro Users if you are using unofficial builds for Maguro, you should definitely flash this as it contains fixes that only made it to our Git Repo today.

Toro and ToroPlus will come later, we haven't abandoned them

Oppo Find5 / N1 +Aaron Gascoigne  is working on it

If your device is not mentioned above then it is not supported by the main development team of ParanoidAndroid. As such, we cannot give you a timelime for when or if a build will be made available.

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Since word seems to have spread: Regarding the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (T-989). Yes, I have one and yes, I will be trying to get a stable CM9 build running on it.

Fair warning that this can only be a spare time task for me right now and I have a lot of priority projects right now, so it likely won't be quick. If anyone out there would like to help, that is great - let me know. Otherwise, I will do what I can.

I will update on progress, but please continue to be patient. :-)
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I am coming back online folks! I should start my ROM work backup today and have something by this weekend!
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Hahaha, Pete is the first one to be hit in the face with my stream... of DATA :-p
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