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Quick Lesson In Typography
And do mind her final piece of advice please!

Quirky, visual and informative breakdown of some of the basics of typography. I love how easy +Karen Kavett makes this for total typography newbies. 

And her final piece of advice is golden! Never use Papyrus or Comic Sans, ever.

#typography   #design  

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brilliant #iniesta, #neymar & #alves & exceptional team #Barca...

good luck for #CL semis
Final! FC Barcelona vs PSG (2-0)
13', 34' Nemar Jr

Who do you think was the best player of the match? Vote for the MVP!

Qui creus que ha estat el millor jugador del partit? Vota a l'MVP!

¿Quién crees que ha sido el mejor jugador del partido? ¡Vota al MVP!


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I have selected that font for my future projects, would you like to add this one into your own collection?

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Search Engine Marketing Trends 2014
To enlarge image:

+Positionly shares an infographic that visualized the search engine marketing industry in numbers with some recent algorithm updates, trends and outtakes for 2014 and beyond.

Here are some key takeaways:

"Internet giant Google continues to dominate the global search engine market (71 percent).

Search engine optimization remained the most popular marketing tactic among terms searched by people in 2013. It was 7 times more popular than other marketing methods like content marketing, inbound marketing and growth hacking, new report reveals.

Nearly half of the internet marketing companies and brands will allocate bigger parts of their budgets in SEO, while more than half of surveyed companies declare a decrease.

Although interest in mobile marketing gained popularity along the year, yet only 3 percent of marketing budget was allocated in mobile marketing."

Pin it:


#searchenginemarketing #seo #infographic  

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Unlimited cloud storage for your files

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#TitoEtern: Reactions in the Barça family

#TitoEtern: Reaccions de la família blaugrana a les xarxes socials

#TitoEtern: Reacciones de la familia azulgrana en las redes sociales

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Secret Computer Monitor

You're kidding me! Who knows of a 24hr electronics store in Southern California?! I'm off to make this right now! 

And that's one more reason to wear my aviators indoors. Double-win. 

Via Reddit user adityapstar:

#technology   #creativity  
Animated Photo

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Almost true :)
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