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Triple Town
Triple Town, by Spry Fox, is an original puzzle game in which you try to create a great city!
Triple Town, by Spry Fox, is an original puzzle game in which you try to create a great city!

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PS. if you really don't want to use Facebook for any reason, the closest thing to Triple Town on G+ (other than TT on Facebook) is the PC/Mac downloadable version of Triple Town. It is not free like the Facebook version; it is $10 on Steam or And there is no migration tool for it. But the good news is that, aside from being able to play that downloadable version offline, there are no microtransactions whatsoever in the downloadable version; everything is available for coins.

As you may have heard, Google+ Games on the Web is being shut down by Google in the near future. We have created a tool that enables you to migrate your Triple Town game from Google+ to Facebook, which is the most similar environment to G+. This is the ONLY way to migrate; there will not be any other option. So if you want to save your game, please migrate soon before G+ shuts down! (And yes, we know some of you prefer not to use Facebook. We wish we could provide some other option, but creating and testing these migration tools takes a lot of time and effort, we are a very small team, and Triple Town is not profitable on the Web. We're just maintaining it to keep you happy! Thanks for understanding.)

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Triple Town is now available for download on PC and Macs (and on SALE for 20% off, for a limited time only!) Have you always wanted to be able to play offline on your computer? Or in full-screen mode? Click the link below to check it out!

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You asked, we listened! You can now buy UNLIMITED TURNS in Triple Town on G+! Check your Capital City store for the new "clocktower" item. (Bonus: the clocktower also gives free loot every few days!)

MAJOR UPDATE: We are proud to announce the Capital City expansion to Triple Town on G+! Your capital city is the permanent heart of your empire. You get new items for your capital city by playing classic Triple Town, and as your Capital City grows, it generates great rewards for you! Give it a try! :-)

Triple Town's new "summer" graphics have been adjusted to help with the contrast issues that were bothering some players. Take a look, should be better! :-)

Triple Town on G+ has a new look for the summer! We'll update it again in the fall, and every season thereafter, just to keep things interesting for you.  :-)

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Triple Town is now available for the Kindle Fire!

New feature in TTown: you can choose to "regift" gifts that you don't need or don't want; a great way to spread the love to friends who need a little extra help and don't have as many gifts as you do!

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All Triple Town tshirts are 40% OFF this weekend only! Code: YOURPOTOGOLD @ (discount is not actually displayed until you enter the code at checkout, so just imagine 40% lower prices until then. grin)
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