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Body In Balance

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Body In Balance - Neuromuscular Massage Therapy In Marin

Is finally on YouTube! Here's my intro / welcome video. More soon!

Visit Body In Balance to learn more - Especially about my strategy for treating Tennis Elbow - and why it's better than the conventional approach:


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Is Your Tennis Elbow Treatment Lousy And Ineffective?

Get better treatment for your Tennis Elbow from a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist who specializes in Tennis and Golfer's Elbow.

15 years exp. specializing in Tennis Elbow and similar tendon problems in Marin - and coming soon to Sonoma County.

Watch my introductory video about why my approach is better on the following page:


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Body In Balance - Neuromuscular Massage Therapy - Marin, Sonoma County

I specialize in Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow and shoulder / Rotator Cuff injuries and pain.

A great alternative, in many cases, to conventional Physical Therapy. Please watch my intro, welcome video at:


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Is Platelet Rich Plasma An Effective Treatment For Lateral Epicondylitis?

PRP injection therapy certainly looks like it could be a promising, new treatment approach to stubborn, chronic tendon problems, like Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow.

But, the question is, will PRP prove to be a reliable remedy backed by scientific evidence?…

Or will it turn out to be just another expensive, over-rated fad?

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Can You Get Tennis Elbow From Playing Golf?

Yes, golfers do get Tennis Elbow – and a quick glance at golf websites, medical studies and injury statistics, shows that golfers actually seem to suffer it more often than Golfer’s Elbow!…

But WHY is that? Here’s a video podcast where I do my best to answer that question:

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Yoga, Tennis Elbow And Elbow Hyperextension

Is it a good idea to continue practicing Yoga while you're recovering from Tennis Elbow?...

And are there any Yoga poses that could exacerbate or even cause Tennis Elbow if done incorrectly?

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Yoga Injuries: Five Experts' Perspectives

This article explores some of the risks of Yoga-related injury; compiling advice and perspectives from five Yoga authorities on avoiding hip, elbow, wrist and other joint injuries while practicing Yoga – An issue of particular concern to hypermobile Women.


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Can You Continue Playing Tennis When You Have Tennis Elbow?

Is it absolutely necessary to stop playing tennis or golf when you have Tennis Elbow – Or is it sometimes okay to “play through it” – IF you’re conscientious?

And if it turns out you DO need to take time off from the court or course to focus on healing, when is it safe to start playing again?

(Two questions I’m very often asked by tennis players and golfers.)

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Gym Exercises To Skip While You Have A Tennis Elbow Injury

Which upper-body strength-training exercises should you avoid, stop or modify when you have Lateral Epicondylitis?

-  Should you use dumbbells or barbells?
-  What about muscle isolation?
-  Is it better to do more ‘general’ exercises…
-  OR be more ‘targeted’ and specific?

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Can You Keep Working Out If You Have Tennis Elbow?

Should you keep doing upper-body strength-training exercises?

Does it make any difference what caused your injury?

Whether it was from lifting weights in the first place? Or playing tennis or golf... Computer use OR heavy, physical work?
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