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"We support free speech, but [we don't support free speech]."
Those who follow me on Facebook know that I enjoy quoting the various "We support free speech, but..." excuses from censors as they explain why they fired or disinvited or blacklisted people whose views they don't like. Remarkably, two different vice presid...

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"California Fails the Immigration Test" published at Real Clear Policy
From my perspective, much of the immigration debate takes place on the right. Traditional conservatives feel that mass immigration is a cultural and economic disruption, while libertarian-leaning conservatives emphasize how immigration makes the American ec...

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When is the March for Large-Scale Preregistered Replications?
Why are progressives calling this weekend's demonstration the "March for Science"? Why not the "March for Equality," or the "March for the Environment," or even the "March for NIH Funding"? The reason, of course, is science-gilding , the covering of one's i...

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"Would You Fly Liberty Air?"
With bad flying experiences in the news again, I thought I'd resurrect this article of mine, which made the case for allowing airlines to determine their own security procedures. (You can tell the article is ancient because of the reference to a Blackberry....

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"California's Bilingual Gamble" published in The American Conservative
I have a  new essay in The American Conservative, on the dangers of nationwide bilingualism. The piece is on the long side (2,600 words) but hopefully an entertaining read. It's chock-full of statistics, studies, and anecdotes. A sample: Separate media lead...

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What the National Academies study does not say
The National Academies of Sciences (NAS) recently published a mammoth, book-length study  of the economic impact of immigration. It features comprehensive reviews of the existing literature as well as original analyses, with the underlying finding that immi...

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Video and reaction to panel event
Our panel on Monday, titled "Immigration and Less-Educated Workers," was a success. My thanks to the whole Center for Immigration Studies staff for putting on a good show. Video of my presentation is embedded below. CIS has the rest of the videos -- includi...

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Panel event on Monday, September 26th
This Monday I'll be presenting my recent paper, " Immigrants Replace Low-Skill Natives in the Workforce ," with commentary by Amy Wax and Charles Murray. Please attend. It's free, and you don't even have to register. WHAT : Panel discussion on immigration a...

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New CIS report: Immigrants replace low-skill natives in the workforce
I have a new report out today for the Center for Immigration Studies. It is a numbers-heavy return to the theme of my American Conservative article from a couple of months ago. From the conclusion of the new report: The United States has been a magnet for l...

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More on America's immigration controversy
Another satisfying interview with Stefan Molyneux posted below! We talk about welfare use, assimilation, "Schrodinger's immigrant," the problems suffered by low-skill natives, guest worker programs, and who sets the terms of debate in Washington. Take a look.
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