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Eurobond's participation at the Media Expo Exhibition Delhi 2018, was an informative, interesting and fun filled affair!

The visitors were in awe of the Fire Retardant Demonstration and we had a great time bonding with them all!

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Bonding with the Best.
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Eurobond #AluminiumCompositePanels are among the most versatile building materials that have evolved with the needs of the market. Over the years, we have developed aluminium composite panels that are ideal for a variety of applications.

Here are some of the major applications of #EurobondACP :

1. Cladding:
Owing to its high durability and flexibility, ACP can be used for cladding in the interior as well as external architecture. Eurobond ACP can withstand rigorous wear and tear and thus modern-day construction is clad with the Aluminium Composite Panel; this extends the lifespan of the structure and façade. Also since aluminium is a lightweight metal, it’s easy to handle and install thus increasing its likeability amongst constructors.
Eurobond also offers Fire Retardant ACP Panels that are non inflammable and produce absolutely no smoke and flaming droplets. This maintains Fire Safety in Constructions.

2. Partitions:
Most of the office structures these days intend to use the available floor space to optimum levels. To achieve this, they make internal partitions forming split spaces. The material which is increasingly being used for making these partitions are Eurobond ACP Panels. Again owing to the ease of handling and maintenance, ACP is one of the perfect materials for making partitions; In case if you do away with the idea of having partitions and want to increase the space, it can be easily done; you just need to unscrew the rivets or screws and move them to wherever you might want. ACP is also cost effective than most of the variants and in view of all these advantages, it is widely used in the construction world.

3. False Ceilings:
False ceilings not only enhance the beauty appeal of interior designs but also help in temperature control. Hence, the ACP panels are ideal for this application since they are comprised of polyethylene core that acts as an heat-proofing agent for regulating the heat. The aluminum sheet on the outside offers durability that increases the lifespan of the material when compared to other materials which are available for similar purposes.

4. Signage:
Eurobond ACP can be used to make versatile outdoor signages. As the signages and hoardings are used for displaying outside where it has to withstand the temperature changes and impact of harsh weather, ACP is the ideal material to cater this application.

5. Interiors
With an extraordinary range of finishes available from Eurobond, it is easy to create wardrobes, bookshelves, and furniture from Eurobond ACP, which are elegant and beautiful along with being durable, water resistant, stain resistant, and light weight.

Isn’t Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panel a real wonder material?

For more details, Visit
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We would like to invite you all to come over and join us at Media Expo, Delhi.
You can have a look at our new and exciting products and have a friendly chat with the Eurobond team!

It is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about what we have to offer you.

Your presence will do us great honour and we look forward to seeing you there!
-Team Eurobond

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We, at Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd. are proud to be the exclusive #ACP partners for the Economic Times #ACETECH - #WorldofFenestration!

We look forward to taking the building industry to further heights with our association.

#AluminiumCompositePanel #AluminiumPanelSheet #EurobondACP
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A Remarkable Project of #EurobondACP !

Introduced by Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd., Eurobond #AluminiumCompositePanels add to the beauty of such Architectural Marvels!

Project : Millenium Textile 2, Surat.
Product : Cement Grey ACP (ER 140)
Size : 5ft. x 20ft. (Customised)
Quantity : 1,25,000 sq.ft.

To know more about Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels, visit
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Another proud #EurobondACP Project!

#AluminiumCompositePanels are flat panels that consist of two thin coil-coated #AluminiumSheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. The core is commonly low-density polyethylene (LDPE), or a mix of LDPE and mineral material that contain #FireRetardant (FR) properties .
#ACP remains one of the most innovative, researched and improved construction material of our times and is widely used in Government and private projects.

Project : Chennai Metro
Product : High Gloss Orange ACP ( ER 918 )
Metallic Champagne Gold ACP ( ER 104 )
Solid Lake Blue ACP ( ER 106 )
Quantity : 30,000 Sq.Mt.

For more details on Eurobond Aluminium Panel Sheets, visit
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A Proud #EurobondACP Project with Inimitable #Architecture !

Project : The Grand Chetak
Area : Nadiad, Gujarat
Architect : Ace Associates

Product : European Walnut Wooden ACP ( ER 375 ),
Rose Wood Texture ACP ( ER 710 ),
Off White Solid ACP ( ER 112 ).
Quantity : 2,800 Sq.Mt.

To view more projects of Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels, Visit us at
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Best #AluminiumCompositePanels in India

Introduced by EURO PANEL PRODUCTS PVT LTD, #EurobondACP is a renowned name in the industry for supplies of quality aluminium composite panels and innovative metal composite panels pan India.
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Features Of Brush Finish Aluminum Panels

#AluminiumPanels are nothing but one kind of metal composite panels that have Aluminium as the surface metal. The Aluminium used is usually corrosion resistant in nature and has outstanding #WeatherResistance features. The famously known MCP or the Metal composite Panels are known for their flexibility. But, that is not the end. There is a lot more.
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Best Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets Supplier in India

Introduced by EURO PANEL PRODUCTS PVT LTD. EUROBOND is a renowned name in the industry for supplies of quality aluminium composite panels and innovative metal composite panels pan India.

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