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Software developer. Father. Nerd.
Software developer. Father. Nerd.
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FFS +Niantic, fix your +Ingress cheat detection algorithms.

> Agent,
> We have detected items in your inventory that were originally
> obtained by means that violate our Terms of Service, such as
> GPS falsification or using unauthorized third-party tools. We
> are not able to discuss which items were detected or share
> any additional information about the account(s) that delivered
> these items to you. If you did not directly purchase these
> items, it is possible that they were passed to you by another player.
> We are committed to ensuring that Ingress remains fair for all
> players. There are no authorized third-party sellers of in-game
> items. Please do not make unauthorized purchases as these
> items could be removed from your inventory.
> Thank you,
> -NianticOps

The only item, other than keys from broken links, that I can recall picking up, was an empty capsule given in return for a full one. Beyond this I have not received any inventory from another agent at all.

Your algorithms are so broken as to be laughable if it weren't so insulting.

I'm a player from early beta who has regularly supplied others from hacking and MUFG growth. Please go over my logs again and find your mistakes - this message from you is the most insulting thing I could receive from you (maybe next to being accused of spoofing).

You are not protecting the fairness of the game, you're insulting your most loyal players.


It looks like +IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 applies code-styles differently to 2016. The team's having to disable Reformat File in the 'Save Actions' plugin to prevent hitting the code-base with the ugly-stick.

Anyone else seeing code-churn from formatting changes? Changes to how code is wrapped around annotations is where we're noticing it the most - one example is that it's no longer 'keeping line breaks' between annotations and method params.

I'm taking a look at e-bikes at the moment. I've done a little reading and test-ridden a few.

Two that seemed reasonable were:

- Reid Urban+ (~$2900,
- Smartmotion Pacer (~$3700,

The Pacer was faster and, to me, more comfortable but the riding was all on the flat and I don't yet have a good sense for the accuracy of their range. I also don't see much dialogue online for the reliability and longevity of either bike.

I found you have to be careful with online reviews if the bike is also sold in the US as they have much more favourable power-regulations for e-bikes and so the performance of a bike sold in the US might be sold with different specs in NZ.

I've also seen mentioned a place that sells conversion kits ( and wonder whether that path is worth the effort (given it looks much cheaper).

I'd love to hear from people who own or have owned an e-bike (whether a dedicated e-bike or a conversion to an e-bike) and get some indication of the levels of satisfaction, fit-for-purpose and brand confidence.

Hey +Sony Xperia, any news on Nougat for the XZ?

What's that? There's still some of October left...

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Colour none of us surprised...

JDK9 is to be delayed a further 4 months primarily due to, you guessed it, Jigsaw delays.

JDK modularity, Java language modularity and all of the great things that Jigsaw brings are much in need in Java. However they've effectively delayed the delivery of many many other features that, individually, might be less important but seem like a lot more value combined.

Delaying, given the Jigsaw commitment was necessary, it definitely needs more time in the oven but that doesn't change the fact that it has become a drag on all other JDK feature delivery.

These delays now amount to doubling the originally proposed cadence of Java releases and 9 months after that missed and September 2016 was proposed as a release-date.

I hope that the Java team recognise this and structure their future developments to not be so beholden to one feature ever again.

I hope that JDK 9 isn't delayed. One thing I'm looking forward to is it's better handling of HiDi displays.

It's unbelievably frustrating to have to change editor font settings every time I alternate between using my notebook on (twin 1080p 27" displays) or off (3200x1800 15.6" display) dock - I just can't seem to get proper scaling to work in JDK8.

Frankly, at this point they could drop jigsaw and just keep everything else they've completed - start stablising it where it is now. Move anything that threatens a timely release to a JDK10 stream of development as resources from stabilisation are released. Not that I'm saying I don't want Jigsaw, just that I think I'll be more annoyed by a lack of JDK9 giving me all of the other goodies on-time.

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Woohoo, I have the recommended CPU (4.5 years old). Oh poo, my video card is of the same vintage...

Still, I'll probably get more out of buying the new video card than an XBOne even if the card does cost as much as the entire console - I mean, I'll finally be able to run minecraft with all those crazy shaders.

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"There's a massive amount of history and heritage there," she said. "I think that needs to be celebrated with plaques and...

Dammit  +Niantic   re-enable +Ingress portal submissions already.

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Clearly they need to talk to Ingress players more - they know where to get the wireless gear to extend that coverage and which areas are best covered by which providers.

Of course, in-game access to hard to reach places is more important to Ingress than Pokemon GO.

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When I saw the headline, I kid you not, the very first thing to spring to mind was "Why? Is Sony designing it?"

I have an aged (well past ageing) SGS3 (the i9300).

All I want is... (give it to me nooow...)
- a decent CPU, (damn you Ingress and that other one just about ending beta that makes both my phone and tablet cry for mummy and then melt)
- Plenty of RAM (the lack of RAM, 1GB, on my current device is such a pain)
- A memory card slot or a decent amount of on-board storage at a markup that doesn't make printer-ink blush.
- As close to the size of SGS3 as possible, as my hand hasn't grown dammit and that's all I can just barely stretch across to use the device one-handed.
- Water/dust protection.
- All soft buttons (I liked this on my wife's  Z1C, her current Z5C and my Nexus7-2012) - Able to root it like all of my other devices for several apps that fill in so many gaps in what I want my computer-on-the-go to do.

Oh and support your damn phones better. I'm looking at you, almost everyone who isn't Apple (and I don't even like Apple mobiles).

(USB-C with Gen2 3.1 support and power standards would be nice but I guess it's too soon for that from anyone)

The Z5 looked reasonable but it's effectively discontinued already, that 810 is not a good CPU and it seems rooting it is a nightmare.

The OnePlus3 looks great except for a technically awesome charging mechanism that's looking rather like some expensive lock-in for chargers, no ingress-protection and slightly too large (plus, heh, I don't know if it supports all of our LTE bands).

Any other suggestions?

Sigh. They say the mobile market growth has stalled. I guess I'll be contributing to that slow-down a little longer.
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