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The Summer of Thrown Shoes
It's been a rather dismal summer for Cash and I in terms of getting to ride.  We hit a few high points when I was able to actually ride him for more than 2 weeks at a time and got a few jumping rides in which were amazing.  However, the majority of the summ...

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#ingress   #ingresssitrep  
A word on the recent field we put up over the Colorado Front Range on September 14th.  It was my first mega BAF op and what a ride it was!

See it didn’t take long for the fielding bug to bite me as a new Ingress player.  One month in and the allure of those mega fields had me in it’s clutches.  I started scheming and when the opportunity popped up for me to go visit Southern Colorado I gave a shout-out to the fielding gurus in our area and presented my idea.  All of the front range.  Blue.  It sounded scrumptious.  

Packonator (Kevin Pack) took a peek over my idea and liked how it looked.  A hangout was started and individuals were pulled in to work on the Op.  August 14th, exactly one month out and the ball was rolling.  Kevin asked me what to name the Op.  Hmm… good question.  I sat on that thought a minute before dubbing the field “Operation BlueRange”.

My original plan for the eastern anchor was Sterling, CO, but thanks to a suggestion from packonator we moved that out to Grant, NE and pulled averyhawk (Erik Sheets) and Shewolf13 (Kelly Schuermann) into the Op as our eastern contacts.  Intel plans were laid, portals picked, and an 11am checkpoint on Sunday, September 14th was decided upon.  The countdown until go-time began and I started busting my butt to get Level 8 Agent access before the Op.  This proved to not be a problem and I easily attained it on August 26th.  

We then set about the task of getting the all important portal keys that we’d need to take to our southern anchor in Walsenburg, CO.  Mitchofsparta (Michael Mitchell) and I about drove all over creation in our quest with Kevin and Carmenator (Carmen Pack) to get keys for the northwest anchors in Walden, CO.  We got treated to an amazing rainbow for our efforts…. good day!  Kevin was able to secure keys from Erik and Kelly to the Grant anchors about a week prior to the Op in a midnight meeting and transferred them to me during one of our late night post flash farming XMP bombing raids in Berthoud....  Oh how the Enlightened love us!  Little did they know.

Before we knew it the weekend of the adventure was on.  I was about ready to leap out of my skin from excitement but managed to keep it in check as Michael and I hit the road Friday afternoon.  On our way down we found sparq (Bruce Kraemer), our intel man, in downtown Denver and picked up a capsule of goodies for our southern partners in blue. (On a side note, I did not realize what an amazing farm it is in Denver… suddenly I have a desire to visit the city, what is wrong with me??).  We dropped the capsule off in Pueblo and continued on our merry way.  Walsenburg greeted us with a grey portal for the taking and I captured the Walsenburg Miner with 3 resonators and called it good for the night.  

Though, there were rumblings of trouble as Michael’s phone would not connect on the 4G network in the area, ruh-roh.  I wouldn’t be able to build the portal on my own!  I went out of service on Verizon shortly past Walsenburg as we headed to our weekend destination.  But Michael was able to get his roaming data figured out with TMobile and on Saturday night we checked in on Hangouts and Slack to learn that the only blocker left was Evergreen.  Oh boy, oh boy! 

Sunday morning dawned beautiful and clear, with a forecast for blue skies!  The Evergreen blocker was coming down and we were on the road.  We got a call from Kevin about 9:45am just as I was coming back into service.  He and Carmen were on site in Walden and ready to go.  

Michael and I rolled in to Walsenburg with time to get coffee and scout out and deploy on the other blue portals before parking under a tree to wait until 10:45am to fully deploy on our Miner friend (Which I consider to be a rather ugly, freaky looking statue--Michael agreed, glad I’m not alone in that sentiment!).  

All was looking good, lanes were clear, and Kevin radioed over Zello that it was Go Time so we stepped forward like knights in shining armour to deploy our resonators and link amps…. Except, Michael’s 4G network had vanished, leaving behind it’s long outdated, wimpy excuse for a data connection, Mr 2G.  ACK.  Without his link amps and without his resonators we were screwed.  Kevin asked if he could tether off my connection, but alas I’d not gotten around to setting up Wi-Fi on my phone!  Michael told me to chill out, and that it’d be ok, as I anxiously watched the seconds tick by.  

Kevin then pointed out that the portal down the street that we had previously deployed on had enough level 8 resonators and would reach.  Why didn’t we catch that earlier?  We were about to get in the car and drive the three blocks when Michael’s service finally came through and he got his two link amps on.  We were in business!

I pulled up my keys, my heart about ready to leap out of my chest (no kidding), when Kevin radioed that the first link was up.  I then linked to Walden and Grant to complete the first field at 10:54am….. And my eyes about bugged out of my head, 2.19 MILLION MU is what my scanner told me.  NO FREAKIN WAY.  Double the number that I had expected.  Score big time for smurfs!

Carmen put up her field at 10:56am, and then it came back to Michael to throw his…. except for that damn 2G network!  His keys wouldn’t load, only half of them would, and he had a lot…. it just sat and spun.  I had the key ready on my scanner, ready, just in case…. Finally at 10:59am we couldn’t wait any longer and I threw the link completing the third field and the next link for the 4th.  Kevin was able to finish off the 4th field at 11:00.   Operation BlueRange was complete!!!  Much congratulating ensued.  Celebratory cookies and bacon maple popcorn included.  Not sure where the bacon cheesecake cupcakes went to...

Overall, we captured 8,753,154 MU for the Resistance and turned the entire Colorado Front Range from Walsenburg to Wellington the best color of blue.  3 of the 4 layers counted on the 11am checkpoint and the RES score in every cell jumped way ahead.  I was thrilled!  I’m still thrilled!  My first mega BAF was a huge success and I am so proud and thankful for all the wonderful souls who helped us fight back against the Enlightened.  Good work team! 

Until next time, this is GallopingGal, saying adieu.

Oh! And P.S. Two lessons learned here... 1) Always have Wi-Fi tethering activated on your phone line for big ops JUST IN CASE, and 2) Load all non-essential keys into capsules before go-time to avoid lags in loading.  Happy fielding y’all!

The Breakdown:
Total MU for the 4 layers was 8,753,154mu
Field 1 by GallopingGal at 10:54am for 2,187,680mu
Field 2 by carmenator at 10:56am for 2,188,024mu
Field 3 by GallopingGal at 10:59am for 2,188,270mu
Field 4  by packonator at 11:00am for 2,189,180mu

The Gang:
+Emily McBlair (gallopinggal)
+Carmen Pack (carmenator)
+Michael Mitchell (mitchofsparta)
+Kevin Pack (packonator)

+Bruce Kraemer (sparq)
+Kevin Pack  (packonator)

Ground Crews (clearing, key farming, and portal setup)
Northern Colorado
+Randy Schild (gearheaddaddy)
+Gabe Kopp  (mullberrybush)
+Manoj Kumar G  (alphagamer99)
+Daniel (sonofsilverback)

Eastern Colorado/Western Nebraska
+Erik Sheets (averyhawk)
+Kelly Schuermann (shewolf13)

 Denver area 
+Tina Sandoval (disintegr8her)

 Southern Colorado
+tammy galpin (nanapumpkin4468)
+Mike Galpin (bigmike357)
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Lookit all my little fluff balls! At least ten have hatched so far, maybe more to come. I'm so excited!!

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#ingressrecruits   +Ingress +Ingress Resistance Northern Colorado Because I can :) who knows, maybe they'll give me a badge for it, ha!

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THIS Happened
After literally years of not jumping anything more than wee 18" cross rails... I went for it today with Cash.  I set up a little one stride in and out and after cantering over 2 x-rails I set the back one up to a vertical, and I set it right at 2'7" from th...

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Making strides... some big, some little
It's pretty safe to say that Cash's hind end problem is cleared up.  He's no longer pissy under saddle, he's content about getting a saddle put on, and he's moving much much better.  Now it's back to boot camp.  Sorry horse.  Ha! A brief run down of what we...

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Kids Birthday 2014
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