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It's hot!
We've a very few hours to walk in the morning before the pavement gets hot. A few photos of gardens.
Today's weather, temps & AC usage.
2 August 2015
24:00 clock; degrees ºF
Time- ºoutside, ºinside; italics: AC settting
01:00 thermostat : 72º
04:30 open windows, AC off; manual Fan on
05:00- 67º, 70º
06:00 thermostat : 78º
06:30 fan off, AC on
07:00- 72º, 68º
09:30- 80º; 70º
10:00- 85º, 70º
12:00- 90º, 72º
13:00- 97º, 73º
14:00- 100º, 74º
14:30- 102º, 75º
15:00- 102º, 76º
15:30- 102º, 78º
15:44- 101º AC starts
16:00 thermostat : 76º
20:30 thermostat : 74º
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The local forest fire burned just over 6000 acres/2430 hectare. It is now reduced to hot spots until rainfall. 
Persons who removed tinder near their cabins or homes have done well. Those who did not—lost everything.
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Charles Vigneron

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Always a problem.
Are you sure that you don’t have any errors in your family tree? No individual whose date of marriage is later than date of death? No woman...
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Charles Vigneron

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I imagine I'll hear it. There are many venues and they'll turn Main Street into smaller venues with dancing and wine!
The main stage is in a bowl that should be audible where I live. A night to climb on the roof. Not drink wine.
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Charles Vigneron

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"The man that had a weapon on his person was considered to be a coward.
   Fighting was cruel fun. The men in those days were much stronger than they are in this age. Up to the war, 1861, men did not go armed, but now it is a common thing. Some attend church with a pistol in their hip pocket. This is a disgrace for any one. It is a constitutional right for us to have fire arms for our protection, but we should use them in the right way"

Weather’s History of Randolph County, Alabama, Randolph, Alabama.

Col. Weathers, CSA, Alabama.

This is the opinion of a Southern Civil War veteran. What a difference 150 years of ignorance presents! 

The NRA, once a gun and hunting safety association— now represent gun makers. The more fear you have—the greater their profits! There is an idiot born every minute—most of them live.
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Charles Vigneron

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After years of devastating drought, ultra-wealthy Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., faces water rationing, but residents feel aggrieved. If you can pay the price for more water, they argue, you should get it.
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Charles Vigneron

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This young man spent three years on Riker's Island because he refused to make a plea bargain for a crime he did not commit. The New Yorker article was a horrific story. 
Kalief Browder, in July, 2014. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY ZACH GROSS
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Such a sad story......
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Charles Vigneron

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Shade cloth draws up on the inside for rainy weather. Anchors set and painted with house number. There is a bored dog in the doorway.

Walla Walla at 10:23 PDT has just finished about 45 minutes of steady cool rain. The ridges eastward may have had the benefit as well. The breezes of several days has finally dropped off. 
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Charles Vigneron

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Looking across the Walla Walla Valley.
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Be safe!
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Charles Vigneron

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My shade cloth experiment is a success.

My AC has booted before 12:00 most of the last six weeks, by 14:30 certainly. It has these last two days not booted the AC until 16:00 when I begin the evening cooling cycle to 76º. Last year the demand for cooling season extended through October and the past calendar year exceeded the demand for heating. I expect this $120 will pay for itself before December. 
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14:30; outside valley, full sun, no wind, temps range 93-98º 33-36º
Interior temp is 75º and AC has not booted. It would have been running at least 90 minutes before shade cloth. It's set at 78º/25º
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Charles Vigneron

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Shade Cloth Cooling Strategies

I'm curious to hear if anyone has used, or seen, this strategy for house cooling? I can only find a few online posts. It seems a no-brainer to me. It will all be determined by the method of draping the fabric from the eaves over the south exposure lights, and having a system of drawing the cloth up, as, though a sail, during periods of wind. 

I came of age in the early 1970s & subscribed to solar energy trade magazines c. 1975 to 1983. Circa 1979 I took a community college night-class on HVAC to grok energy dynamic transfer physics. The practical applications has served me, as well. 

Using the book, Better Homes & Garbage, by 1980, I designed a passive solar home for Waitsburg latitude & local geography.
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We've a local potter who makes those cooling pots.
I've seen bus-stop cooling towers in Arizona c. 1970 that were shaped like tepees that had a water mist sprayed at the narrow top. Evaporative cooling drafts followed. 
Before AC I remember hanging towels over open windows at night. The bottom of the towel sat in a bowl of water as a wick.
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Charles Vigneron

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My local newspaper informed me of the current TV series Texas Rising on The History Channel.

I don't watch TV.

That story is a disingenuous (heroic) point of view. It was known to be a lie at that time.

This forgotten tract written by Benjamin Lundy , abolitionist, tells another story of the double-dealing of the United States settlers to Mexico who brought slavery to Texas. 

Benjamin Lundy is cousin to one of my ggg grandmothers, Mary Lundy, Jr.. Genealogy interests in retirement became a venue for me to discover these old documents. They are rarely found on genealogy websites.

Through DNA testing I've discovered many African-American cousins through my Alabama, Georgia and other Confederate states maternal ancestors. Black lives matter because they are kindred to us all !
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My greatest annoyance with the recent non-Magna Carta hoopla is the lack of the definitive noun to the Magna Carta barons as: Christian. 

It was not remarked enough that Christianity would have been their first identity. They had been guided to the document since Christmastide 1214 by Archbishop Stephen Langton. 

That Justice established and referenced by name of King Henry & Richard and as practiced as Their Law of the Realm was being removed at the whim of John.

The younger barons grew to adulthood with this understanding to law between the Crown & Subject as understood & implemented by Henry II, d. 1189, and what Governance is to provide for Its Taxes. Courts and Writs a property lawyer today should be capable to muddle through. 
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Charles Vigneron

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102ºF / 38ºC Walla Walla, 8 June 2015.
local valley variation from 106 to 100.
The record books are being re-written in an unseasonably early Pacific Northwest heat wave.
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Are You Sure That You Don’t Have Any Errors In Your Family Tree?

Are you sure that you don’t have any errors in your family tree? No individual whose date of marriage is later than date of death? No woman.

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