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My local newspaper informed me of the current TV series Texas Rising on The History Channel.

I don't watch TV.

That story is a disingenuous (heroic) point of view. It was known to be a lie at that time.

This forgotten tract written by Benjamin Lundy , abolitionist, tells another story of the double-dealing of the United States settlers to Mexico who brought slavery to Texas. 

Benjamin Lundy is cousin to one of my ggg grandmothers, Mary Lundy, Jr.. Genealogy interests in retirement became a venue for me to discover these old documents. They are rarely found on genealogy websites.

Through DNA testing I've discovered many African-American cousins through my Alabama, Georgia and other Confederate states maternal ancestors. Black lives matter because they are kindred to us all !
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My greatest annoyance with the recent non-Magna Carta hoopla is the lack of the definitive noun to the Magna Carta barons as: Christian. 

It was not remarked enough that Christianity would have been their first identity. They had been guided to the document since Christmastide 1214 by Archbishop Stephen Langton. 

That Justice established and referenced by name of King Henry & Richard and as practiced as Their Law of the Realm was being removed at the whim of John.

The younger barons grew to adulthood with this understanding to law between the Crown & Subject as understood & implemented by Henry II, d. 1189, and what Governance is to provide for Its Taxes. Courts and Writs a property lawyer today should be capable to muddle through. 
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Charles Vigneron

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This young man spent three years on Riker's Island because he refused to make a plea bargain for a crime he did not commit. The New Yorker article was a horrific story. 
Kalief Browder, in July, 2014. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY ZACH GROSS
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Such a sad story......
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Charles Vigneron

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Six million people are under correctional supervision in the U.S.—more than were in Stalin’s gulags. Credit Photograph by Steve Liss / American Poverty
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"How did we get here? How is it that our civilization, which rejects hanging and flogging and disembowelling, came to believe that caging vast numbers of people for decades is an acceptably humane sanction? There’s a fairly large recent scholarly literature on the history and sociology of crime and punishment, and it tends to trace the American zeal for punishment back to the nineteenth century, apportioning blame in two directions. There’s an essentially Northern explanation, focussing on the inheritance of the notorious Eastern State Penitentiary, in Philadelphia, and its “reformist” tradition; and a Southern explanation, which sees the prison system as essentially a slave plantation continued by other means."
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Charles Vigneron

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After years of devastating drought, ultra-wealthy Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., faces water rationing, but residents feel aggrieved. If you can pay the price for more water, they argue, you should get it.
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Charles Vigneron

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102ºF / 38ºC Walla Walla, 8 June 2015.
local valley variation from 106 to 100.
The record books are being re-written in an unseasonably early Pacific Northwest heat wave.
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Charles Vigneron

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118.32ºW 46.06ºN
1.67 inches, 4.19 cm of rain Tuesday through Wednesday noon.
Next time you go to a local casino, you might want to take some farmers from the Roza Irrigation District in eastern Washington for good luck. Those are the folks, with farms from roughly Yakima to the Tri-Cities (see map), that decided on May 11th to stop irrigating for several weeks in order ...
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Charles Vigneron

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version 1.6.3; corrected, typos, 
Seven barons on page 1 in 30 lines.
Nine barons on page 2 in 37 lines.
Sixteen of the barons against King John, 1215. 

I’ve meditated for several months upon the family connections of the Magna Carta barons. In Charles Browning’s The Magna Carta Barons published 1898, the author fills pages 61 through 69 with the relationships, wherein the individuals are given a number for reference.

I’ve thought to tab each generation to common ancestors may be clearer. Something of a family group sheet as model. Sixteen of the 25 barons in 70 lines. 

The Magna Carta barons names are italic bold when found a second time: italic underline Surnames are bold when first brought to record.

Page one concerns the barons matrilineal line from the Dukes of Normandy through King William’s niece’s descendants by Judith and her marriage to Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland. Alice and Maud

Page two sketches the family Clare and their relationship to the barons and connects the Bigod and the de Vere family

 The names of three ancestral Justiciars, two of whom I regard has having great influence to the generation younger than King John. 
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Charles Vigneron

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This is an excellent article. The personal attributes of John, the youngest of his generation, the barons represent a generation younger, accustomed with more recent family history in service to the realm as Justiciars.

Henry II Curtmantle established an office outside his household to oversee good governance. Justiciar.

The office ended under Henry III in 1261. Look to their children and grandchildren. The barons had been in office under John. Collected the taxes, served as sheriff, one, Warden of the Cinque Ports. Their "foul" monarch was near. Too near. 

A large genealogical pursuit in these United States is for those with early colonial ancestry from those rebellious barons, and has been for one hundred years, at least, an ideal heritage. Lineage Societies founded. Some creative fictions when required. At eight hundred years I think is safe to say if you've any recent British ancestry and medieval families ancestral to all, is understood. 

Do other English Speaking nations pursue the similar gateway ancestors for lineage societies? 
Magna Carta’s significance has often been overstated, its meaning distorted. Credit The National Archives / The New York Times / Redux
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