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The Right Arm of Hell
Jesus said, “We are in the right arm of hell.” We walked up a high, dry hill. At the top of the hill, I looked below and saw a swirling river. There were no pits of fire of demons or evil spirits, only the large river flowing between unseen banks. The banks of the river were the large river flowing between banks. The banks of the river were hidden in the darkness. Jesus and I walked closer to the river, and I saw that it was full of blood and fire. As I looked closer, I saw many souls, each chained to another. The weight of the chains dragged them under the surface of the lake of fire. The souls in hell were in the fire of hell. I saw also that they were in the form of skeletons with misty-gray souls. “These are the souls of the unbelievers and the ungodly. These were lovers of their own flesh more than lovers of God. They were men loving men, and women loving women, who would not repent and be saved from their sin. They enjoyed their life of sin and spurned My Salvation.” I stood beside Jesus and looked into the lake of fire. The fire began to roar like a great furnace, moving and devouring everything in its path. Soon it filled nearly the entire right arm of hell. The fire approached to within feet of us, but did not touch us. The river was burning everything in its path. I watched Jesus’ face was sad and tender. He still had love and compassion for these lost souls written on His countenance. I began to cry and wished I could leave this place of torment, to g on was almost unbearable. I looked again at the souls in the fire. They were a fiery red, and their bones were fiery red too. I heard their souls cry out in regret and sorrow. The Lord said, “This is their torment, Chain after Chain, they are linked together. These desired the flesh of their own kind, men with men, and women with women, doing that which is unnatural. They led many young girls and young boys into acts of sin. They called it love, but in the end it was sin and death. I know that many boys and girls, men and women were forced against their wills to commit such atrocious acts-I know and will not hold this sin to their charge. Remember this though, “said Jesus, “I know all things, and the persons who made these youths to sin have the greater punishment. I will judge righteously. To the sinner, I say, “Repent and I will have mercy. Call on Me and I will hear.” Time after time I called to these souls to repent and come unto Me. I would have forgiven them and cleansed them; and in My name they could have set free. But they would not listen to Me. Because I am  holy, you must be holy. Touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you,” said the Lord. I felt very sick as I looked at the souls in the lake of fire. “If only they had turned to Me before it was too late,” Jesus continued. “My blood was shed so that everyone could come to Me. I gave My life that even the vilest of sinners might live.” Multitudes of souls went by in the river of flames. Over and under the waves of fire, they, with no way out of burning in the lake of fire. I heard cries of regret as the bloody river flowed by us. We walked up a trail beside the river. In front of us, sitting on a hill was large woman. She swayed back and forth as tough she was drunk. Written on her were the words, “Mystery Babylon.” I now knew the mother of abominations on the earth came from hell. AN evil, powerful force emanated from her. I saw multitudes, people and tongues beneath her. She had seven heads and ten horns. In her was found the blood of the prophets, the all that were slain upon the earth. “Come out from her and be separate”, said the Lord in her time she shall be destroyed.” We walked on past the evil woman with the horns onher head. Everything began to get dark. Now Jesus was the only light. We walked until we came to another hillside. In the distance I could see hot flames in the air. We went around the hill and came to a large door with slots cut in it. It was set into the side of the hill. A large chain was on the door, and flames raged from it. The door was also bolted with large locks. I wondered what it all meant. Jesus said to me, “Behind that doorway is the bottomless pit.” All at once, the dark figure of a man, attired in a long, dark cape, appeared in front of the door. His face looked to be very old and very tired. The skin of his face was pulled tightly against the bones of his skull. He looked to be a thousand years old. The flames behind the door reached higher until the door bulged from the and all these evil  things to stop.” Jesus replied, “Come, hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. The end is near, and I am calling sinner s to repent and be saved. Look now.” Sign, “Watch Hollywood.”
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