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Jude I KNow

Goodnight all, fading fast, easily side tracked.

Thanks for all the fun tonight.

Your grateful host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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Tom Tom Club Genius of Love (Long Version)

I know what I'm gonna do when I get out of jail...

Your Friday on my mind  host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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The Tom Tom club is considered to be Talking Heads minus David Byrne.

They have released albums slowly over the years, the last being in 2012.

Tina Weymouth and Chris Franz are the driving forces behind this band and The Talking Heads.
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The AllmanBrothers Midnight Rider

Grab your silver dollars and run!

Your quickly tiring host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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Beastie Boys So What Cha Want

Really, what is it that you desire?

Your inquisitive host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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Hell yeah. I can dig This. 
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Ray Charles What I'd Say (Booby C Sound TV Remix)

I didn't play this one several weeks back At The Hop, but I did play it on my music page +All Remixed Up , I still find it fun and lively.

Your rehashed host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul

As the night winds down I have to wonder this: what songs speak to your heart and strengthen the memories of your day, making you ready to cast off the night and get ready for the next day with a smile?

Your quizzical host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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"After killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts"
This song embodies all that is right with TMBG.
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Gorillaz 19 2000 (Soulchild Remix)

We always choose the sounds that we fill our lives with, at +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS we share those choices with each other for the benefit of everyone.

Your humble host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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Sounds thumping great on the headphones! THX, +Marquis de Coffman :-)
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Marillion Ocean Cloud

Would that we could learn all the little tales of heroism and determination that inspires entire communities easier than we do now.

Would that Geoff Allum's tale be more well known...

Your appreciative host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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Also, my last break before the final run tonight...
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Fun Lovin' Criminals Love Unlimited

If Barry White saved your life or got you back with your ex-wife then it's all right...

Your funky host, +Marquis de Coffman 

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I think Barry would be quite happy about this one, since he saw himself as a kind of therapist :)
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MC 900ft Jesus Adventures in Failure

While BoC has a legion of passionate fans who make videos, this is one of the best fan videos I've had the pleasure to watch.

Your appreciative family man, +Marquis de Coffman 

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Where Every Night Is Friday Night. Best Music Videos of the 80s to Today's Great Songs. 80s Friday Night show starts at ...10PM New York | 7PM Los Angeles | 3AM London
Welcome to FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS - Where Every Night Is Friday Night.

About 2 years ago, I got a wild idea in my head to regularly post fun 80s videos every Friday night. I started to call my regular gig - Friday Night Sessions. It has been a lot of fun taking requests on all sorts of dance videos, top-40, pop, pop-rock and more. I realized (though a friend) that maybe we could do this a bit better via a PAGE. This is that page, and I've initially asked six friends to co-manage this page with me (all are interested in being a guest DJ whenever possible).

We've kicked the idea around a bit of having Theme Nights, and I like that a lot. So, look on this page for all announcements about #fridaynightsessions and we're glad you're here!

We're adding new shows to the schedule, and soon we'll be having GUEST DJs on some Thursday and Friday nights. Stay tuned to this station for details!

-Sean Cowen, Founder of FNS

Our Page Managers In No Particular Order:

I've also just brought on Mark Richards and Andrew Coffman to have some fun as well. Both guys have been loyal fans of FNS from early on, and it's great to have them with us!

>>>>>>>>>>  We've just added a PUBLIC CALENDAR for FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS here:

Ryan Van Sickle

Ryan is thinking about hosting an American Folk Roots Songbook night or something like night.  Old folk/blues to modern folk folk/rock.

Writing songs of character and integrity that resound the timeless and universal, Ryan Van Sickle uniquely translates the themes of love, war, life and death and the epic and mundane struggles within.  Following in the steps of the masters from his native Canada, Ryan draws on the influences of Neil Young, Daniel Lanois, and Leonard Cohen alongside American greats Bruce Springsteen and Emmylou Harris.  With the release of his latest album Ghosts Of The Brokenhearted on iTunes - , and on Google Music -, Ryan emerges as a powerful singer songwriter; asserting prowess in building a lyrical highway with a strong voice to carry his listeners on the journey. View his website at

Roger R. H. King
Roger genuinely loves many genres of music as long as it is, as he says, "Worth crankin' up!"  Raised on the the sounds of Motown, "Classic" rock, and jazz, he's played drums and sung in numerous unknown bands ranging from blues to country, and jazz to rock.  As a symphonic percussionist, he's also played with many orchestras and other musical productions. A music major in college, he's also been a "personality" on Classic Rock radio, as well as a party DJ in the Springfield area.  Roger's submissions to our page will show off his broad range of tastes and diversity, as he also attempts to educate our audience with facts, stories, and insights about the artists and music.

He stays busy on FNS with two main weekend shows. On (most) Saturday nights he rolls out "Deep Cuts", which explores the way music has affected us or has "cut us deep" with a variety of Classic Rock, R&B, from the 60's to today. Some shows have themes such as , Long Cuts, Top 10's or Fantastic Femmes.  Then on Sunday nights, he makes it rain with "Quiet Storm", which is dedicated to the monster, killer, epic heart-wrenching-tear-jerking-emotion-bending-gut-punching slow jams that will stir your soul. On "QS" you'll hear Jazz, Country, Rock, R&B from present and past... all songs with love and emotion that are guaranteed to touch you. Also, every now and then he likes to explore the only true American music genre with "Tuesday Night Jazz", where the sounds of Parker, Spalding, Ellington, Coltrane, Bonamassa, Brubeck, Krall, Davis, and other Jazz and Blues masters will float by in the stream.  Whenever he's "on the air", he loves to take requests, and he really loves to go "behind the music".

Whether it's Saturday, Sunday, or the sporadic Tuesday, all shows start at 10:00 pm CST/CDST (11 pm EST, 8 pm PST, 0400 GMT, 1200 in Tokyo). For his past shows, you can search #FNS , #DeepCuts , and #QuietStorm.  Also, he'll periodically publish his playlists on YouTube. 

Roger's "Day Job" is as a Elementary school Tech Instructor. He's also the Youth Choir director at his church, His dogs, Yogi & Boo-Boo are his constant companions and sources of much humor and fun (Pics coming soon... whenever Boo-Boo will sit still long enough!).

"I am really looking forward to getting to personally know all of you, as we head off on this G+ musical journey. Peace, Love, and Crank It!" - Roger
Branden Haize 

Branden Haize first joined Friday Night Sessions as a volunteer "music historian", supplying facts and trivia to videos posted during the Friday night time slot. Soon, he became an official page manager himself, and the host of his own show, Lost in the Haize. When does it air? It's a spontaneous thing, whenever the mood strikes him (and whenever the forum isn't being used by someone else). Branden is also the author of "Darwin's Playground" and "The Prospector", two independent web-series available to read at


no set time
no set theme
M is here to blow off steam
M may or may not do requests 
M basks in the +1s and shares (this helps if you want a request)

Andrew Coffman

Andrew is a long time listener of FNS  and has an abiding interest in remixed songs, as evidenced by his own page +All Remixed Up , but his tastes run the gamut of the entire musical spectrum.

While Andrew may not play any instrument beyond the radio or been involved in the music industry, he has been on 5 of the 7 continents, helped build bridges, dams and refineries where no human has business being at and flown enough miles to make it to the moon and back.

Look for him to roll out the eclectic, the remixed and great tunes you forgot you loved in the wee morning hours of West Coast and get ready to whet your whistle for a midnight snack that's tasty and exotic.

Friday Night Sessions.  Home of the Original 80s Music Show on Google+. Where Every Night Is Friday Night.