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Grumpy But Gorgeous (Pamper Parties)
Pamper Parties For Girls - The Number 1 Party Theme For Girls 2013
Pamper Parties For Girls - The Number 1 Party Theme For Girls 2013

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Do It Yourself Spa Party
Spa Parties are great activities for girls. Spa parties can be customized to accommodate a young girl of any age whether she is in elementary school, a preteen, or a high school senior. The spa parties will provide relaxation, and an escape from the stresses of a daily routine of a young girl. 
For the parent who is really hands-on with how they would like there little girl’s party to go, The Do-it-Yourself party is great option Do-It-Yourself spa parties allows the parent to choose from a variety of themes. Themes that range from lemon cheesecake spa party for the younger girls, to a sweet sixteen theme spa party for your teenage daughter. These customized parties will bring your princess so much joy she will be the envy of all of her friends. 
While these DIY spa parties can be extremely fun for the party goers, the parents should keep in mind all of the work that will go into planning such an awesome party. Allowing people to help in the planning of the party as well as people designated to run the party will make the spa party run smoothly. There should be no distractions that will take away from the attention of your little girl.
Taking part of the Do-It-Yourself package will be the highlight of your daughter’s year. A DIY spa party will be a great choice for the family that has more than one young lady to throw a party for, because your girls may have two total different personalities. 

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Neon is in this season!

Birthday Parties are always great to throw. It brings so much excitement to all of those involved. One of the hardest decision one must make before throwing a birthday pamper party is to choose a theme. Choosing a birthday theme is difficult because there are so many different themes to choose from.
So what are some of the themes that are in this season? Why neon is in this season. Neon will bring a retro feel to your little girls birthday party.  Neon is a fun color to have at any party. The birthday girls name can be covered in neon lights and the party room can be blacked out. All the attendees can be given neon glow sticks that illuminate the room, party hats, and even neon party blazers. 
Your daughter’s neon themed pamper party will be the talk of the town all summer long. Think of how happy your daughter will be after having such an eccentric party. Hosting a neon party will set your child’s party apart from all of the other children she befriends. 
The neon party will be customized to fit your child’s unique personality. The neon party can also include a neon cake and all of the party guest will go home with neon souvenir. 
Neon themed birthday parties are extremely exciting and thrilling to say the least. Making your child’s dreams come true on their birthdays is the joy of parenthood. So what is one of the best ways that you can make your child’s birthday dreams come true? Throw your child a neon themed pamper party because neon is in this season. 

How to do smokey eye, eye shadow: 
Celebs have been doing the Smokey eye for years now. It’s very easy and simple to do and most times you are able to do it effortlessly for any occasion. Who knew that getting the perfect Smoky Eye would be so easy and classy years later? In this Article I tell you a few ways to pull this look off without going to a makeup professional.
First: We will begin with using a medium size round brush to apply a nice deep gray, usually charcoal gray powder in the area just above the crease of your eyelid. Then you will use your fingers to blend downward toward the lash line.
Second: You will begin tracing upper lash line with a black eye line pencil, and smudge gently with your fingertips.
Third: I suggest using a small firm brush to apply a nice gunmetal shade into the lower lash line.
Forth: In order to getting the celebrity effect. I would suggest that you apply a pale silver powder to the inner corners of the eyes just to lighten up the look.
Fifth and finally: Lay on the Mascara as much as you like without over doing it.
Tip: To erase shadow mistakes dip a cotton ball into a little concealer and rub it lightly across the area to pick up any extra shadow that you do not want there.  Also to be creative with the Smokey eye, add a little color to it to give it your own personal twist such as Pale Purple, Plum.

How to do a Messy Bun:
Everyone has been going crazy over the latest hair style that you can create at home for little to no cost at all to you. It’s the Messy Bun hairstyle. Young women all over have been doing this for years and its finally making its way back out. This bun will take you minutes to do and will be the center of attention at any event. Before getting into any steps on achieving a messy bun, remember to always wash and condition your hair before attempting this or any hairstyle. Below are a few easy steps in achieving the perfect messy bun;
ü  First you are going to pull your hair into a ponytail from high or low, leaving it a little loose. Don’t worry too much about having a smooth finish with no lose strands. In the end they will be the entire messy bun together.
ü  TEASING your hair is going to make this just right. So in this step pull your ponytail into three separate parts and tease your hair to give it that messy look. This alone will give you volume and the messy look that you’re going for.
ü  In this step you are going to put your ponytail into two pieces and wrap in opposite directions as if you were doing a top knot. Avoid the urge to pin your hair neatly and instead pin it with bobby pins. The strands you left out earlier, just leave them.
o   If your bun feels too tight. Just give it a little tug in all directions to loosen it up a little.

Girl summer beauty tips 
Summer is approaching fast, and girls all over would love to have some of the Hottest Beauty tips for some of the hottest days of the season. One of the easiest beauty tips that I love to give girls with longer hair is to ditch the traditional pony tail and go for the timeless high bun. It’s neat, different, and girls are bringing it back with style every day. Another great tip is a water proof mascara, it goes on easy and last all day. Below I have a few tips to maintain healthy beautiful skin in any season especially summer.
 Always remember to EXFOLIATE…Exfoliating not only cleans the skin deep, but it helps in removing that nasty summer dirt and dry skin helps revealing a lovely glow. 
 Wearing SANDALS this summer? Don’t forget to keep your toes freshly pedicured and dry. This is very important ladies, because if you fail to keep your feet dry and clean, you could be opening up the opportunity for a foot fungus to grow. So remember to keep your feet fresh and clean.
 This is my favorite summer beauty secret. FRUIT! Yeah I said it. It’s easy to carry, low in calories and it’s healthy for you. So don’t hesitate to bite into a juicy piece of fruit to help keep your girlish figure throughout the summer.
 Lastly. Always remember to wear SUNSCREEN with a minimum of SPF 30 to give you really good protection. Also if going swimming grab waterproof sunscreen that will last you all day.

Give yourself the best manicure - how to do a manicure

Giving yourself the best manicure has not always been easy. This is especially true if you’re not ambidextrous. But here I will explain that all it takes is time and patience to obtain a salon like manicure. In order to have the best manicure, I suggest that you run out and buy yourself some sea salt to give the palm of your hands a good scrubbing to get rid of any dead or dry skin. This will also make your hands incredibly soft. 
 After washing and exfoliating your hands you should then use a good hand moisturizing lotion to put back any nutrients that you could have washed away.

 The best way to push back the cuticles on your nails is with a toothpick. Try it next time and you’ll love it. 

 Using an emery board or Nail file, you can file nails to desired length and shape. 

 Wash and Dry your hands again then pick out the polish of your choice. Keep in mind that dark colors stick out the most as well as some reds and metallic colors.

The trick to applying polish to both hand is to just paint your opposite hand first. This allows you to hold the brush in a comfortable position.

 Finally let your base coat dry completely and then coat with a good top clear coat to bring out the maximum amount of shine. 

Final tip: Mix a little sunscreen to your hand lotion to protect your hands and nails from the sun and it will give you a good amount of motorization to those areas throughout the day. 

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A Makeover Party - Celebrate Your Birthday With Pure Glamor
Red Carpet Style was evident from all the celebrities who attended the Brit Awards last week, but don’t forget, when they get up in the morning, they look just like you – tousled hair, sleepy eyes and no make up!
It takes time, imagination and the clever use of color and style to get that effortless cat walk look, but you can do it and end up looking and feeling glamorous.
No, you don’t have to go to Amy Child’s Beauty salon in Essex to do it, you can make yourself up at home with your friends. How?? – Have a girl’s make-up party that’s how! Whether you live in London, Surrey or Kent, you can book one of our pampering parties and get that red carpet look you love, while having fun with your friends. 
Our girl’s make-up parties are a perfect birthday treat for 9 to 12 year olds. Start the celebration with a relaxing foot spa, while you and friends look through some magazines for hair and make-up ideas.
Once you’ve decided we can start to make you look like a cat walk princess – Eyeshadow, gloss or lipstick, pretty glitter nails, while playing brilliant party games and indulging in the chocolate fountain.
When you’re ready, put the music on and get ready to dance down the catwalk, while the official photographer (well, us with a camera) gets snapping. Smile, pout, blow kisses or stomp it out with attitude to your fans, its all in a days work for a super star like you!
If your in your teens, then put the ‘WOW’ factor in your celebrations with a Teen Makeover Party – Wrap up in your spa robe, pose for your ‘before’ photo’s and soak your feet in the relaxing  foot spa, enjoy a pedicure with fabulous twinkle toes for your pinkies and a French polish or nail art to make your hands look perfect. Next it’s time for an up do, or a curling session, or out with the straighteners to give your hair a sleek, smooth shine.
Have a flick through some magazines, “just look at her, no it doesn’t suit her at all- awful! Ah, look at that dress, I want it, where’s mum? MUM”!!!!  Sip your soft drink out of the champagne flutes and get ready to rock the red carpet!
Join in with the stars, they’ve come from all over London and the surrounding area, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Kent and Essex all you need is your imagination and the ability not to laugh too much, come on try to look sophisticated!
Dance down the red carpet to your favorite tunes and when you’ve finished laughing your heads off its time to take your ‘after’ photographs, just look at the difference, it’s amazing what a makeover can do for your self esteem. Makeover parties with friends really do boost your confidence and help build friendships with long lasting memories.
Have a birthday party with a difference and get us to come and turn you into a catwalk princess, you can always send your photos off to Harry styles, after all he is single again!
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