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You may already have heard that worms often infect puppies and kittens as well as older pets. There are several different kinds of these intestinal parasites including tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

Your dog may have intestinal parasites if it:
-has fleas
-roams or hunts
-visits dog parks or other common areas
-is confined to a fenced-in yard or outdoor kennel
-is a puppy - almost all puppies less than 3 months of age are infected with roundworms.

Some worms can be passed along to people as well through contact with feces. This usually happens by chance ingestion of contaminated soil, sand, or plant life. Children, for obvious reasons, are more susceptible to infection. Notably, hookworm larvae can actually penetrate the skin!

The only solution is to have your puppy or kitten treated for worms every two weeks at a young age and continually monitor the habits of adult dogs (including treating them regularly). As a general rule, adult cats and dogs should have a fecal exam done yearly with their annual checkups.

For more information, call the ARL's wellness clinic at 412-345-7300 x223

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Q:What does it mean «Count of computers» and how does it differ from «Running copies»?
A: Although you are authorized to install the Standard and Professional versions of the program on multiple computers, the program can only be executed on one computer at a time. ProjectMaker is an exception you can run it on all machines simultaneously.

Q: Could I pay an additional fee to update to a more powerful version?
A: Yes, updating to a new more powerful version will cost the current list price of the program minus 70% of price you paid for your former version. For example, updating Lite to Standard will cost you $197 – $87 * 0.7 = $136.
Note: During discounts the price for updates are formed separately from this rule.

Q: Could I install the program on a virtual machine?
A: Yes, you can install it on virtual machines with the exception of VMware. Use VirtualBox or VirtualPC, for example.

Q: Does the program have a subscription fee or similar?
A: There is a six-month subscription for updates. You’ll get six-month free updates after buying. If you would like to continue your subscription please refer to the price comparison table above on this page. If you prefer not to subscribe, your program will continue to work flawlessly, but without any new updates.

Q: Could I buy this program with the current discount and resell it after?
A: No, this programs unauthorized reselling is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of your account.

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Welcome to WebMoney Transfer - smart solution for internet business. It is a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online.

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