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A ridiculous way to spend money rather than improve their services, a poor way to present their ideas and objective, and it doesn't even work properly.

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If I were really half this good, I'd be a professional Google Doodle player.

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World Record time! (Minus the actual running, jumping and all that.)

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CmdrTaco brings us Dalton Caldwell's take on Facebook/Twitter's "hot-dog to caviar machine", a.k.a. hypertargeted adverts.

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Forcing businesses to translate ERPs into French is not the right solution. It'll hinder productivity gains, encouraging companies to outsource as much as possible, so that they can avoid expensive translation fees.

A better decision would have been to force companies that use English-language ERPs to provide effective language training to their employees, so that they are not only able to use the software, but also improve their capacities and options for future employment.

Defending the French language is important, but when it comes to an ERP, the amount of "language" is often elementary, broken English. It doesn't really challenge the importance or the use of French any more than a programming language which uses English words.

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Carrefour's having a really tough time recently, losing market share, losing profitability, and perhaps most importantly, losing their way.

In this article, I look at how Corporate Alignment techniques can offer a solution, a road-map for Carrefour to become innovative once more and get back on the track to growth.

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TED talks are great occasions to learn from experts on any given topic, to broaden one's mind with ideas and research from all kinds of field. However, +Johanna Blakley's speech at TEDxUSC in 2010 irked me with its errors, omissions and misleading presentation of facts.

IP definitely needs a reform, one that will help foster growth and remove a great deal of uncertainty from industries and markets. However, talks like this are a great disservice to this reform. By obfuscating data and giving people the wrong impression, it hides the complexity of the problem whilst promoting baseless opinions.

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As soon as Bloomberg hears about this, they'll announce that Clippy 2.0 is upon us!

It's been a long, hard, painful and frightfully interesting course, but 6.002x is over. Thank you MITx for the opportunity, thank you Professors Argwal, Sussman, Terman, and Mitros, thank you for crafting this course and helping when discussions with other students didn't help. Thank you to all the students who stuck with MITx to the end, who helped each other better understand the course material and created a really cool community.

I can't wait to start again in Fall.
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