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TIme & Place... I lived in downtown Van for a couple of years, so I was delighted that the creators of Continuum made the city a sort of character in the show.
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Performer of the Week: Susan Lucci - A weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars THE PERFORMER Susan Lucci THE SHOW Devious Maids THE EPISODE "Long Day's Journey Into Night" THE AIRDATE  June 22, 2014 THE PERFORMANCE There's nothing funny about a life-threatening kidney disorder unless, of course, that illness happens to befall Devious Maids' Genevieve []
A weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars THE PERFORMER | Susan Lucci THE SHOW | Devious Maids THE EPISODE | "Long Day's Journey Into Night" THE AIRDATE | June 22, 2014 THE PERFORMANCE |...
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Susan is great,  and funny in DM.
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The finale is tomorrow! Where did this season go?
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+noam hashash I'm not sure. Netflix varies on how long it takes them to put new seasons up.
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If you enjoyed the song at the end of last night's episode, here's the music video for it. Roger Cross, Richard Harmon, and Stephen Lobo make an appearance. #Continuum  
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Great song, quite lovely indeed.
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In “3 Minutes To Midnight,” Brad (who I thought was named Brett but is actually Brad) finally remembers things. Of course this leads him to have a slight mental breakdown, but hey, we get some answers... #Continuum  
Kiera seeks answers from Brad. Liber8 holds a group meeting. There's something wrong with Halo beta testers.
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Last 2 episodes been real good
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The future is a strange place, this is something “Continuum” shows time and time again. In “Minute of Silence,” we are introduced to a sketchy looking place where doctors perform “citizenship extraction.” Yeah, citizenship is a little thing in your arm in… #Continuum  
Carlos lets Present!Alec in on a secret. Kiera meets someone who seems to know who she is.
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'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Continuum, Girl Meets World, Penny Dreadful and Other Shows Are Faring
Communication is key in any relationship and it's a lesson TV couples learned the hard way this week. But were your favorites able to talk it out? Or were they unable to find the right words? Find ...
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Stop teasing us bring the show back :-)!Lost Girl and The X Files are coming back filming of the X Files is scheduled to begin this summer :-) :-) :-) :-)!!!
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In “Last Minute,” we learn more about Brad’s mission. His future looks very gloomy. Basically, his mission is to “burn all timers” and “neutralize the zealots,” which does not sound good... #Continuum  
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In “The Dying Minutes,” we take a trip to the past. Three months ago, a dead Curtis is brought to the freelancers where a creepy dreaded guy with blue glowing something brings Curtis back to life... #Continuum  
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Keep up a new season, we need more! 
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In “Revolutions Per Minute,” Kiera decides to go on the offensive and try to figure out what member of the Global Corporate Congress (GCC) that Liber8 will hit next. The answer is Gautuma, and guess who Liber8 has sent there to spy?...  #Continuum  
Kiera predicts Liber8's next target. Present!Alec and Carlos say goodbye to an old friend. Dillon remembers Betty.
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Keep it up, at least 3 more seasons.
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+TheTVDen's +Allison Nichols has a wonderful recap of last night's #Continuum... don't miss it!
“So Do Our Minutes Hasten” goes back to our normal set up – future shot at the beginning and then the rest of the episode in the present. Kiera and CPS raid a community meeting because they it is a “political assembly.” The future is not a fan of those. …
Kiera and Dillon partner up on a case. Alec gets help from a friend. Carlos tracks down a Sonmanto whistle blower.
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Continuum Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy (USA)
Check out our other Google+ TV Show Pages in the "LINKS" Section!

When a group of fanatical terrorists escapes from their planned execution in the year 2077, they vault back in time to the year 2012, sweeping dedicated cop, KIERA CAMERON, along on their time-traveling journey. Stuck in the past and unable to get back to her husband and son, Kiera concentrates on bringing down the terrorists before they can wreak havoc in the past. Kiera receives unexpected assistance from ALEC SADLER, a teen tech genius who becomes a crime-fighting partner to this exotic visitor from the future...

Continuum is a one-hour police drama centered on Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver. She is alone, a stranger in a strange land, and has eight of the most ruthless criminals from the future, known as Liber8, loose in the city.

Lucky for Kiera, through the use of her CMR (cellular memory recall), a futuristic liquid chip technology implanted in her brain, she connects with Alec Sadler, a seventeen-year-old tech genius. When Kiera calls and Alec answers, a very unique partnership begins.

Kiera’s first desire is to get "home." But until she figures out a way to do that, she must survive in our time period and use all the resources available to her to track and capture the terrorists before they alter history enough to change the course of the future. After all, what’s the point of going back if the future isn’t the one you left?

Kiera knows that the eight terrorists will resort to criminal activity to further their goals of taking down the corporations that will one day rule the world. Lives will be lost. Her goal is to kill or capture them before they can turn the world upside down.

For Kiera, there's only one organization that can help her hunt down Liber8, and through clever thinking, manages to work with the Vancouver Police Department. Partnered up with Detective Carlos Fonnegra of the Special Investigations Unit, Kiera positions herself perfectly to hear about Liber8's activities and hopefully intervene.

Like Kiera, Carlos is a cop with a passion for justice. They are from totally opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. Coming from 2012, Carlos believes in justice for the individual while Kiera, coming from 2077, believes in justice for the corporation. This provides sparks on many levels: work, political worldviews and emotionally.

Yet despite their differences, they have each other's back. And although they get off to a rocky start, there's an inherent trust that blooms between them. Kiera, brought up and trained to always depend on her technology, finds her relationship with Carlos has her learning to listen to her gut for the first time.


SEASON 1 Episodes...

1×01: A Stitch in Time
1×02: Fast Times
1×03: Wasting Time
1×04: Matter of Time
1×05: A Test of Time
1×06: Time’s Up
1×07: The Politics of Time
1×08: Playtime
1×09: Family Time
1×10: Endtime

SEASON 2 Episodes...

2x01: Second Chances
2x02: Split Second
2x03: Second Thoughts
2x04: Second Skin
2x05: Second Opinion
2x06: Second Truths
2x07: Second Degree
2x08: Second Listen
2x09: Seconds
2x10: Second Wave
2x11: Second Guess
2x12: Second Last
2x13: Second Time

SEASON 3 Episodes...

3x01: Minute By Minute
3x02: Minute Man
3x03: Minute to Win It
3x04: Minute Changes
3x05: 30 Minutes To Air
3x06: Wasted Minute
3x07: Waning Minutes
3x08: So Do Our Minutes Hasten
3x09: Minute of Silence
3x10: Revolutions Per Minute
3x11: 3 Minutes to Midnight
3x12: The Dying Minutes
3x13: Last Minute

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